August 12: Bob Dylan: The 8th and last New Morning recording session in 1970

bob dylan new morning


This is a quirky album, from a Dylan not pointing a way for anyone, but from a great artist remaining at his work knowingly in the face of not being creatively on top form in the phenomenal way he had been in the period 1964–68.Warm and abiding, it sounds better and better as the years go by.
~Michael Gray (The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia)


Wikipedia: Dylan ultimately decided to re-record “If Not for You” and “Time Passes Slowly”, holding one final session on August 12. During that session, he also recorded “Day of the Locusts,” which by now had been finished.For the album’s final sequence, the three August 12 recordings were placed at the beginning of New Morning, while covers of “Ballad of Ira Hayes” and “Mr. Bojangles” were dropped.


Studio E
Columbia Recording Studios
New York City, New York
12 August 1970
8th and last New Morning recording session, produced by Bob Johnston.

  1. If Not For You
  2. If Not For You
  3. If Not For You
  4. If Not For You
  5. If Not For You
    released: “New Morning” – 21 October 1970

  6. Time Passes Slowly
  7. Time Passes Slowly
  8. Time Passes Slowly
    released: “New Morning” – 21 October 1970
  9. Time Passes Slowly
  10. Time Passes Slowly
  11. Time Passes Slowly
  12. Time Passes Slowly
  13. Time Passes Slowly
  14. Day Of The Locusts
  15. Day Of The Locusts
  16. Day Of The Locusts
  17. Day Of The Locusts
  18. Day Of The Locusts
  19. Day Of The Locusts
  20. Day Of The Locusts
    released: “New Morning” – 21 October 1970


  • Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar, harmonica & piano)
  • Buzzy Feiten (guitar)
  • Additional musicians unidentified

Bob Dylan - New Morning (back)


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6 thoughts on “August 12: Bob Dylan: The 8th and last New Morning recording session in 1970”

  1. Under #’s 5, 8, and 20 you have typed, “released: “New Morning” 25 July 1989. Is that just an incorrect date or something else ?

    1. Thanks for the feedback JimmyV.

      It’s actually the COLUMBIA CK 30290 CD release date, but that is really not interesting. I have changed the date to 21 October 1970 (original album release).

      Thanks again.

  2. this is a coincidence…going through my bootlegs this afternoon I came across a cd called
    Dylan and on the back it says New Morning Sessions….perfect sound quality !

    It must have slipped between the ‘cracks’ , because I don’t remember ever listening to it.

    I looked in and there it was greyed out, meaning they want more info on it.
    I have sent them a picture…it was listed under the acetate version so I think it is a cd of that.

    It has nineteen songs …

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