Bob Dylan & The Band: Hazel @ Winterland, San Francisco, 25 November 1976 (Video)

bob dylan last waltz 1976

Bob Dylan played 6 songs @ the Last Waltz concert.

This brilliant version of Hazel was not officially released until 2002 on: The Last Waltz (4CD Box set).

San Francisco, California
25 November 1976


  • Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal)
  • Robbie Robertson (guitar)
  • Garth Hudson (synthesizer)
  • Richard Manual (keyboards)
  • Rick Danko (bass)
  • Levon Helm (drums)

  1. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Eric von Schmidt)
  2. Hazel
  3. I Don’t Believe You
  4. Forever Young
  5. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Eric von Schmidt)
  6. I Shall Be Released
  • 1, 3-6 released on THE BAND: THE LAST WALTZ, Warner 3WS3146, 7 April 1978
  • 4-6 released in the movie THE LAST WALTZ, April 1978, on the commercial video THE LAST WALTZ, February 1985 and on the DVD THE LAST WALTZ April 2002.

… and here is HAZEL:

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11 thoughts on “Bob Dylan & The Band: Hazel @ Winterland, San Francisco, 25 November 1976 (Video)”

  1. David B !! greetings from California, can only be one person in the world with that ticket story, good to hear it again !

    1. Hi Jeff
      Are you the Jeff Parr I know from Hattons etc. We seemed to lose touch a while back in another lifetime? Let me know .My email address is the same as it was back in the days of old

      All the best Dave B

  2. Hi JV
    Hazel was released Officially on the expanded 4 disc Last Waltz released about 6-8- years ago . I did not buy it cos I got a two disc CD and a Three Disc Vinyl .

    David from Liverpool

    1. Greetings David–

      An off-the-wall, totally unrelated question: Could you please contact me regarding the ticket stub scan of the The Hawks’ May 14, 1966 concert at the Odeon Theatre, Liverpool? I’m researching the history behind that ticket stub and think you submitted scan to

      Thanks and best records,

      1. Hi Ted
        The history behind the ticket.Well this is the one I used to get into the show at the Liverpool Odeon in May 1966. I bought it from an old school pal .Who was a great Everton football fan and had tickets for the FA Cup Final on the same day and would not be back in time from London for the Dylan show .So my luck was in. So I watched the Final on Television in black and white and went to see Bob and the Band in the evening . The ticket and a photo of the Odeon as it is now are on Alan Fraser’s site Searching for a Gem under the 1966 section with a few other scans of my stuff at various points on the site. Let me know if you require any further information. I am saving up to buy the new Volume 10 4 disc version at the moment . Here I am nearly fifty years later still buying his stuff . I have got 7″ vinyl 12″ vinyl reel to reel tape cassette tape video tape CD DVD and Mp 3

        1. Hi David!
          Thank you so much for your reply illuminating the story that ticket stub holds. I am familiar with Searching for A Gem and will browse further to see your submissions, especially the photo of the Odeon as it stood in 1966–is the site a parking lot now? (thank you Joni Mitchell). I think I may have my hands on your old ticket stub soon. And if so, I plan to frame it along with a 1966 vinyl pressing of “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”–one of my favorites–and maybe a reproduction of the concert advertising bill (if I can find one)… I would like to ask you further about the concert if you don’t mind. Is there anyway to exchange email addresses? I am in Sudan for a few weeks delivering UN World Food Program/USAID. I will not have internet access after next week, and then back online maybe late August (keep in mind if you don’t hear from me). I’m in my 50’s and still loving the music and spinning vinyl–especially Dylan’s. By the way, would you purchase Vol 10 from Amazon? Again, thanks and best records! Ted–[email protected]

          1. Hi Ted
            I think dylan stubs replaced my ticket a while back with another one pink I think if memory serves me well . Mine is green K47 grand circle with marks on it from having a small piece of paper sellotaped to the back for forty years and i still have it here with the vinyl In 1966 there was …………….. live in concert and two copies of Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues. Yes I will buy Volume 10 I am not sure where from yet everybody seems to be putting up the prices on a day by day basis I will probably go to a small independant shop here in Liverpool called Probe which is where I bought In 1966 …………… All the best in the Suda seems you are doing a really useful and needed job over there Al the best from David

        2. PS David–

          I just looked at the ticket stub for Dylan and The Hawks May 14th 1966 I was writing of is different than the one you submitted to Searching for a Gem. The one I referred to was submitted by you, I believe, to and is a ticket for seating in Royal Circle B31. Just though I should clarify this. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the Best, Ted

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