Bob Dylan – The Never Ending Narrative 1990 – 2006 (Videos)


  • DVD Release Date: April 19, 2011
  • Run Time: 105 minutes
Had anyone suggested during the 1980s that Bob Dylan would re-invent himself yet again during the decades that followed, to once more become the music-world’s most respected artist, while achieving number one albums along the way, they may well have been met with a wry smile, if not outright derision. But somehow Dylan pulled it off and after a lengthy period of lacklustre music and performances he again became the most important icon of the rock age. This documentary film follows the career and music of Bob Dylan from the aftermath of his stunning 1989 comeback album Oh Mercy and follows his story up to 2006’s masterpiece, Modern Times. Featuring a wealth of archive material, performance footage, exclusive and classic interviews, contributions from many close confidantes plus writers and Dylan experts Johnny Rogan, Derek Barker, Clinton Heylin and Nigel Williamson, along with location film, news reports and some of the finest music recorded during the last 20 years.


This is #4 in a great series of DVD’s:

  • Bob Dylan: 1941-1966 – Tales From A Golden Age
  • Bob Dylan: 1966-1978 – After the Crash
  • Bob Dylan: 1978 – 1989 – Both Ends of the Rainbow
  • Bob Dylan: The Never Ending Narrative 1990 – 2006

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