April 27: Bruce Springsteen LA Sports Arena 2012 (Videos)

bruce springsteen LA 2012

April 27: Bruce Springsteen LA Sports Arena 2012 (Videos)

Early-birds in the LA Sports Arena get an unexpected treat – an hour before the show Bruce appears on stage with a party (Bruce claimed they were his relatives, but we’re not so sure!) and plays an acoustic version of “For You“.

For You:

The three-hour set opens with “No Surrender”, the first of two tour premieres from Born In The U.S.A. – “Bobby Jean” is the other. The “this train” introduction is dropped from “Land Of Hope And Dreams” for the second and final time of the first American leg. Tom Morello joins Bruce on stage for the same songs as the previous night, plus “Land of Hope And Dreams”. Springsteen’s guitar tech Kevin Buell is honoured on the occasion of his 1000th show – Bruce lures him to the front of the stage with a fake guitar failure. “My City Of Ruins” includes “People Get Ready”.

Sports Arena
Los Angeles,CA
April 27, 2012

  1. No surrender
  2. We take care of our own
  3. Wrecking ball
  4. Badlands
  5. Death to my hometown [w/Tom Morello]
  6. My city of ruins
  7. Does this bus stop at 82nd street?
  8. Jack of all trades [w/Tom Morello]
  9. Youngstown
  10. Prove it all night
  11. Darkness on the edge of town
  12. Easy money
  13. Waitin’ on a sunny day
  14. The way you do the things you do
  15. 634-5789
  16. Racing in the street
  17. The rising
  18. Lonesome day
  19. We are alive
  20. The ghost of Tom Joad [w/Tom Morello]
  21. Land of hope and dreams [w/Tom Morello]
  22. Rocky ground
  23. Bobby Jean
  24. Born to run
  25. Dancing in the dark
  26. 10th avenue freeze-out [w/Tom Morello]

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