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The 5 Best Music Videos 2015

bob-dylan the night

I like when music videos are made as short films, not just as promo clips to sell the music. I look at the cinematography, the acting, the writing and, of course, how the music fits the images.

We have chosen these 5 videos as the best of the year 2015.

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November 10: The Clash released Give ‘Em Enough Rope in 1978

The Clash Give Em Enough Rope

It’s rock and roll all over
In every street and every station
Kids fight like different nations
And it’s brawn against brain
And it’s knife against chain
But it’s all young blood
Flowing down the drain

One of those albums that was played so much on vinyl that it got worn out and bought again (twice!), Fantastic album!

Give ‘Em Enough Rope is one of the greatest transition albums of all time. The Clash was a purely punk album, and the best pure punk album “evvah!” London Calling is an eclectic and unique era-spanning masterpiece. Give ‘Em Enough Rope retain their punk roots, but start to draw in more influence from a more diverse pool.  The album turns out to be one of the band’s best, what am I saying?! All their albums are must-haves! (except for the Cut The crap album of course). In true Clash fashion there’s not one bad track to spare.

Give ‘Em Enough Rope is the second studio album by the English punk rock band The Clash. It was released on 10 November 1978 through CBS Records. It was their first album released in the United States, preceding the US version of The Clash. The album was well received by critics and fans, peaking at number two in the United Kingdom Albums Chart.

Tommy Gun (live on Something Else in 1978):

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Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited Covered

Cover versions of all the songs on the album, split on to two sides.

It is not hard to find other artists covering Bob Dylan’s songs, but it is not so easy to find interesting and good interpretations. The originals are so strong that  I wouldn’t expect anyone to top them, and noone does. Even if that is the case, I think I’ve found some of the best out there.

Highway 61 Revisited is one of the best albums in Rock’n Roll history, if you don’t have it, go buy it or buy it online or something…just get it, it’s a life changer!

Side 1:

1. Like a Rolling Stone – Jimi Hendrix
I love this version from The Monterey festival (I think…):

2. Tombstone Blues – Boris Buggerov Band
This was recorded on April 8 2004 in the 1968 movie theater in Tavira, Southern Portugal, where Boris Buggerov Band is based. It has a great piano and a bit of a tex-mex flavour.

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Johnny Cash the 39 best songs

johnny cash

Johnny Cash the 39 best songs

It was supposed to be a list of 20 songs but I just couldn’t stop!

I walk the line:

Johnny Cash was known for his deep, distinctive voice, the boom-chick-a-boom train sound of his Tennessee Three backing band and his black clothes, which earned him the nickname “The Man in Black.” He  began his concerts with the  introduction “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.” Here is my Spotify play-list of the 39 greatest Johnny Cash Songs:

A boy named Sue (At San Quentin):

– Hallgeir

My Morning Jacket covers Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s songs have become part of the great American songbook and there are a lot of artists covering his compositions. My Morning Jacket is one of the best and most interesting of the contemporary bands around, and their covers of Dylan are all good, some are great.

In honor of Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary, a number of musical heavyweights came together for a new Bob Dylan cover album.  Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International had a wonderful cover of  “You’re a Big Girl Now” done by My Morning Jacket.

This made me check around to see if My Morning Jacket had done more songs by Dylan and they had.

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