Ida Jenshus live in Haugesund

We had a fantastic night at Høvleriet in Haugesund last night. We want to come back, what a venue and what an atmosphere! Thank you.
– Ida Jenshus (on her webpage)

Ida Jenshus has recently released her third album, Someone to love. The album is a departure from the country on her two previous records, into a more airy sounding country/rock/songwriter style. The obvious comparison is Emmylou Harris’ collaboration with super-producer Daniel Lanois, but I can also hear Kathleen Edwards and Mary Gauthier in the quiet stuff, and Lucinda Williams in her more uptempo stuff. I like the direction she’s taken. I like the first two records but I think her concerts have showed a truer Ida Jenshus, and finally it is reflected in her recorded work.

The wonderful Tender Leaves:

We saw Ida Jenshus with a great group of musicians at Høvleriet in Haugesund last friday, there she dedicated a very fine version of Tender Leaves to Chip Taylor. An artist that Jenshus has worked with lately and have played with on several occasions. Chip Taylor is the man who wrote Wild Thing and Angel of the morning.

It was a lovely show that varied from tender moments into full blown guitar jams, never dull and, man, what a great group she’s touring with! The audience clearly liked what they heard, quiet listening and attentive, and it was great to see this many people coming out to see Ida Jenshus. Country flavoured music isn’t always the biggest audience puller.

What strikes me is the wonderful sound, all those great guitars with their different sounds, the air is filled with exciting instruments (especially the Gretch and Danelectro guitars, great sounds!). The rhythm section is solid as a rock, but sensitive when they’re supposed to be.

She introduced Marie (what happened to the music) by saying it was sort of a comment on todays music industry, here’s a version from the Norwegian talk show Lindmo:

Fantastic ! Høvleriet in Haugesund , I felt at home. Thanks !!
– Ida Jenshus (twitter)

A lot of the songs were heavier sounding live than on the album, and played by people who so clearly love what they do.

Someone to love:

The night ended with a rousing rendition of Coming Down again, fantastic. It was a very special evening!

(all photos by me on my Nikon P7000 compact)

– Hallgeir