Johannasvisions playlist for January and February 2014


We will start a new series were we present some of the songs we’ve played during the month that has passed. The first will be for January and February, but we hope to make this a monthly feature.

Robert Ellis – Only Lies from his new album, The Light From The Chemical Plant:

Rosanne Cash – Etta’s Tune from the great new album, The River & The Thread:

Lydia Loveless – Chris Isaak from the album Somewhere Else:

We have compiled a Spotify list of our favorite tracks from the first two months of 2014, these months it looks like we’ve played only new music, that is not the case, we always play “old” music. The playlist for the following months may contain both old and new music, only old music or only new music. We hope you like and play our list:

– Hallgeir

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