March 03: Bob Dylan Westinghouse Studios 1963

bob dylan 1963

Westinghouse Studios
New York City, New York
3 March 1963
Folk songs and more folk songs

Broadcast in the program “Folk songs and more folk songs” on Westinghouse TV stations in May 1963.

  1. Blowin’ In The Wind
    How many roads must a man walk down
    Before you call him a man?
    Yes, ’n’ how many seas must a white dove sail
    Before she sleeps in the sand?
    Yes, ’n’ how many times must the cannonballs fly
    Before they’re forever banned?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
    The answer is blowin’ in the wind
  2. Man Of Constant Sorrow (trad.)
    I am a man of constant sorrow
    I’ve seen trouble all my days
    I’ll say goodbye to Colorado
    Where I was born and partly raisedThrough this open world I’m a-bound to ramble
    Through ice and snow, sleet and rain
    Im a-bound to ride that mornin’ railroad
    Perhaps I’ll die upon that train
  3. Ballad Of Hollis Brown
  4. Hollis Brown

    He lived on the outside of town
    Hollis Brown
    He lived on the outside of town
    With his wife and five children
    And his cabin fallin’ down

  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • Bob Flick or John Paine (banjo) on 1
  • Michael Kirkland (banjo) on 3

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  1. I see the thinner clear voice of Dylan but know his fuller epic iconic voice is coming full circle ; through many bigger changes I enjoy more in a way . Let’s face it the world speaks of him as a Nobel Prize winner for literature . So it is finnally known why we’ve loved his singing / songwriter ; no naysayers count anymore !!

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