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Bob Dylan Bootleg: After The Empire (studio October 1985)

These tracks started circulating in June 2016 when the bootleg After The Empire became available.

Keeping within the brief, Dylan who was still bubbling with ideas, re-entered the studio on halloween 1985 at Cherokee Studios – It has been assumed that the players were Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Vito San Filippo (bass), Raymond Lee Pounds (drums), Carolyn Dennis, Madelyn Quebec, Elisecia Wright (backup vocals) but that doesn’t make up for the harp playing and electric piano that you hear through these tracks – and, possibly entertained by the idea of Neil Young’s “Everybody’s Rockin’” album, Bob threw around a few ideas that seemed to be based around rock and roll, the sessions still have the nuance of a little 80’s production, and like “Empire Burlesque”, these sessions can be a lot of fun. These recordings are a heck of a lot of feeling, Dylan’s muse, while not burning like it had or would again, directs him to dismissing any worries of seriousness and instead let him and his band have a bit of fun.

Cherokee Studio
Los Angeles, California
31 October 1985

  • Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar &harmonica)
  • Unidentified musician (guitar)
  • Unidentified musician (keyboards)
  • Vito San Filippo (bass)
  • Raymond Lee Pounds (drums)
  • Carolyn Dennis, Madelyn Quebec, Elisecia Wright (backup vocals).

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June 13: Bob Dylan live in San Diego 2016 (audio)

JUN 13, 2016
San Diego, CA
Humphreys Concerts By The Bay

“At 75, Dylan shows every sign of rising to new heights. He is doing so by embracing anew his own legacy, and adding new twists, as has long been his style, and by embracing some of the Great American Songbook gems he pointedly spurned in the spoken introduction to his 1962 song, “Bob Dylan’s Blues.”

“This is unlike all the rest of the songs comin’ out of uptown New York — a Tin Pan Alley thing,” he said at the time, the derision in his voice unmistakable. “This one wasn’t written up there … this was … written down in the United States.”

Today, 54 years later, Dylan’s songs are as indelible a part of the American music fabric as any batch of Tin Pan Alley classics. Things have changed, undeniably, since then. But Dylan — in the autumn of his years — remains sturdy and vital. We’re lucky to have him.”
– San Diego Union Tribune

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April 28: Bob Dylan Yokohama, Japan 2016 (full concert audio)

bob dylan yokohama 2016

A great night, and a pleasure to see Bob and the band enjoying themselves  and sounding fantastic. I’ve listened to my share of bootlegs and have seen  him in concert a handful of times, but something really special is happening  now. Great music, great delivery, but also intimate and just plain fun. Best  live show I’ve seen from Dylan. Lots of dates coming up – get tickets and  bring some friends – you won’t regret it!
~Robert (boblinks.com)

Final concert from Japan tour 2016

Yokohama, Japan
April 28, 2016

  • Bob Dylan – piano, harp
  • Tony Garnier – bass
  • George Recile – drums
  • Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar, maracas
  • Charlie Sexton on lead guitar
  • Donnie Herron – violin, banjo, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

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(update) What we think we know about Dylan’s new album, Fallen Angels

fallen angels

Cover art and Tracklist (According to Amazon):

1. Young At Heart
2. Maybe You’ll Be There
3. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
4. All The Way
5. Skylark
6. Nevertheless
7. All or Nothing at All
8. On a Little Street in Singapore
9. It Had to be You
10. Melancholy Mood
11. That Old Black Magic
12. Come Rain or Come Shine


We think it will be called Fallen Angels. It looks like he is still getting inspiration from Film Noir (se picture above). The director, Otto Preminger also made Frank Sinatra’s best film, The Man With The Golden Arm.

It seems to be a sequel of sorts of his last album and will most probably consist of Frank Sinatra standards (songs Sinatra did).

At least some of the work on the album is done in Studio B at Hollywood’s famed Capitol Studios (According to producer Al Schmitt, Feb 11).

It seems like he is brushing up on already recorded material.

“He came to my house eight or six months ago and spent a few hours, We listened to 21 songs – because he’s made two records of this [Sinatra project].”
– Daniel Lanois (to the Vancouver Sun)

It will be released on May 20th (we think, it’s a bit hard to read the small print here…) EDIT: Found a picture with better resolution, and yes, it is May the 20th:
bob Fallen Angels ad

Bobdylan.com/on-tour says:
For every pair of tickets purchased, you will receive a redemption code to receive a Compact Disk of Bob Dylan’s forthcoming album “Fallen Angels.” (Not available for Indianapolis and Boston.)

Bob Dylan reddit.com reports:
“The new album will be called Fallen Angels and will contain, among others, “Melancholy Mood”, “All or Nothing at All”, “Come Rain or Come Shine” and “That Old Black Magic”. Those four songs are also scheduled for an EP to be released in conjunction with Record Store Day.”

Bob Dylan – Melancholy Mood (2015.10.15 – Volkswagen Halle – Braunschweig, Germany, audio):

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