(update) What we think we know about Dylan’s new album, Fallen Angels

fallen angels

Cover art and Tracklist (According to Amazon):

1. Young At Heart
2. Maybe You’ll Be There
3. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
4. All The Way
5. Skylark
6. Nevertheless
7. All or Nothing at All
8. On a Little Street in Singapore
9. It Had to be You
10. Melancholy Mood
11. That Old Black Magic
12. Come Rain or Come Shine


We think it will be called Fallen Angels. It looks like he is still getting inspiration from Film Noir (se picture above). The director, Otto Preminger also made Frank Sinatra’s best film, The Man With The Golden Arm.

It seems to be a sequel of sorts of his last album and will most probably consist of Frank Sinatra standards (songs Sinatra did).

At least some of the work on the album is done in Studio B at Hollywood’s famed Capitol Studios (According to producer Al Schmitt, Feb 11).

It seems like he is brushing up on already recorded material.

“He came to my house eight or six months ago and spent a few hours, We listened to 21 songs – because he’s made two records of this [Sinatra project].”
– Daniel Lanois (to the Vancouver Sun)

It will be released on May 20th (we think, it’s a bit hard to read the small print here…) EDIT: Found a picture with better resolution, and yes, it is May the 20th:
bob Fallen Angels ad

Bobdylan.com/on-tour says:
For every pair of tickets purchased, you will receive a redemption code to receive a Compact Disk of Bob Dylan’s forthcoming album “Fallen Angels.” (Not available for Indianapolis and Boston.)

Bob Dylan reddit.com reports:
“The new album will be called Fallen Angels and will contain, among others, “Melancholy Mood”, “All or Nothing at All”, “Come Rain or Come Shine” and “That Old Black Magic”. Those four songs are also scheduled for an EP to be released in conjunction with Record Store Day.”

Bob Dylan – Melancholy Mood (2015.10.15 – Volkswagen Halle – Braunschweig, Germany, audio):

Bob Dylan – All Or Nothing At All (2015.10.05 – Stockholm Waterfront, audio):

Bob Dylan – Come Rain Or Come Shine (2015.10.01 – Konserthuset – Oslo, Norway, audio):

Frank Sinatra – That Old Black Magic (audio):

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21 thoughts on “(update) What we think we know about Dylan’s new album, Fallen Angels”

  1. This is for Robin Lester. I got the tickets for Tanglewood Concert coming July3rd. I went to the BobDylan.com website and saw when they were going on sale, and then on the morning of the day promised I had lots of good seats to choose from. I told a friend about it, and later that day he was able to get seats right next to ours. So it wasn’t too crazy to get those seats. As far as the FREE new CD promotion goes, I didn’t see any reference to it as I was getting the tickets and thought, “Oh well, just one of those promises that it turns out is harder to keep than to make.” But then to my surprise and delight, I got an email with a code to order my free CD and when I redeemed it, I got the confirmation: “Your Fallen Angels CD will arrive on or around release date (May 20, 2016).”

  2. Prepare for a NEW Gospel inspired release with Fallen Angels! Yes there will be a few Sinatra Covers as mentioned from previous release, however here are a few ‘clues’ many have overlooked. Bob stated he had hoped “Tempest” would have been more like “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” in it’s message, his decision to Tour the States with Gospel Legend & longtime Sister in Christ Mavis Staple and his desire to once again affirm his faith as he did dramatically in the past. The “Call” Our Lord put on Bob’s life is irrevocable. Looking forward to seeing him once again proclaim the message and publically continue you to hold on to the Solid Rock!

    1. I hope & pray you are right! I would love to hear a Gospel-inspired release following up on the tour with Mavis! 🙂

      1. Looking forward myself to a gospel influence on the new album “Fallen Angels”. Also very much looking forward to Mavis Staples being on the upcoming tour. She’s been a favorite of mine since seeing her singing a verse of “The Weight” with the Band in Martin Scorsese’s concert film “The Last Waltz”.
        As luck and timing would have it, I just watched HBO’s wonderful documentary “Mavis!” last night. There’s a great segment in it covering the early ’60’s when Dylan and the Staples Singers’ paths first crossed. It shows a 1963 black and white TV show hosted by the Brothers Four and including both Dylan and the Staples. Looked like “Hootenanny” on ABC, their popular show during that period’s Folk boom.
        Dylan sang “Blowing in the Wind” for the first time on TV and Pop Staples told Mavis how much it moved him and made him think of what he had lived through in his life going way back to the late ’30’s and up to the present. He said to Mavis: “listen to this young man and what he’s saying and feeling. At his young age he understands a lot about life and people’s experiences.”
        Later on Bob informed Pops that he was very fond of his daughter Mavis and became infatuated with her when she sang a certain song whose title I can’t recall offhand. I’m glad I saw the film because it provided some information about Bob and Mavis that adds depth and meaning to their longtime friendship as they embark on this tour and assures me that there will be be a significant Gospel influence in the music.

  3. So, Bob can kill 2 birds with one stone by releasing more of the Sinatra covers: make a lot of money and annoy a lot of people (not me, mind you! i love it all, esp Melancholy Mood. Shame Frank only recorded that song once.)

  4. I have a question about the tour that I am hoping you can answer. I am getting to much conflicting information about the pre-sale. Ticket master says they have no pre-sale. American express says they are not selling the tickets. The venue says they have no pre-sale. I just want to get my ducks in a row to hopefully get decent seats. Having to compete with scalpers. I have not had luck with that in the past and have given up on other shows. But this is Bob we are talking about. Any advise?

  5. I’m with RealBBrothers whatever Bob does is fine with me. The greatest songwriter ever is also the greatest interpreter of the songs of others so while I’d love some new material an album of covers is nearly as exciting. As always thanks Bob.

  6. You know, as much as I respect what he. Is doing, and on a technical level, think it is very good, I don’t really enjoy it. I don’t think his voice really lends itself to standards like this. Like I said, he really does it well in a certain respect, but it does not feel very heart felt. I think some of his latest stuff is some of his best, but will be very happy when he gets through this phase. Of course i’ll buy the album and listen to it once or twice, and never again. I could listen to Live and theft, or modern times any time, but these standards… Ugh.

  7. The good news is that Bob is really singing again — carrying a tune rather than spitting out lyrics. And hey, whatever Bob chooses to do is fine with me; it’s always interesting and worth hearing. We are all fortunate he is still with us and choosing to venture into a recording studio when he’s in the mood! Thanks for posting these songs.

  8. SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT cannot be topped… at least that’s beyond my imagination.

  9. Just wanted to check in and introduce myself. My name is Steve McWalter and I’ve been a devout Bob Dylan fan since 1963. I’ve been following AllDylan and Johanna’s Visions for four years or more and I just now noticed that it’s a blog too.
    I’d just like to know if regular followers like myself are welcome to write comments or even essays here. I’d love to do that.
    Sincerely, Steve McWalter

    1. Do you mean in the comment section or as a blog entry? write what you will in the comments and we will moderate before publishing. As for blog entries we are more careful…

      Thanks for the feedback

  10. Wow good info. I assumed he was releasing another standards record this year but had no idea about the name or release date. Hopefully it will top Shadows, just like World Gone Wrong topped the previous folk standards Good As I Been to You in my opinion. Thanks for the info.

    1. Thank you, we were taken by surprise as well, but started gathering information as soon as we could. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. Also looks like a summer US tour has been announced, lots of new dates on his web site. Will be at the Philly show in July!

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