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July 14: Bob Dylan live in Chicago,Illinois 1988 (video 5 songs)

Poplar Creek Music Theater
Hoffman Estates
Chicago, Illinois
14 July 1988

Poplar Creek Music Theater was a concert venue located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The amphitheatre opened in 1980 and closed in 1994. It hosted a variety of popular musical acts during its 15-season existence. It consisted of a covered pavilion and grass seating area, and had a capacity of 25,202 people; 7,202 reserved seats, 18,000 lawn seats.

Attendance began to dwindle in the late 1980s, and Poplar Creek faced competition from the opening of the World Music Theater (now Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre) in Tinley Park in 1990. Sears acquired the property in 1989 and allowed Poplar Creek to remain in operation until 1994.

Bob Dylan’s 1988 tour stayed within the North America, performing 63 concerts in the United States and 8 in Canada. He performed in 29 states in the USA and 6 provinces in Canada.

  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • G. E. Smith (guitar)
  • Kenny Aaronson (bass)
  • Christopher Parker (drums)

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Bob Dylan – Never Ending Tour 1988 – Part 2

I’ve always loved to travel and play my songs, meet new people and see different places. I love to roll into town in the early morning and walk the deserted streets before anybody gets up. Love to see the sun come up over the highway. ..
Then, of course, there’s playing on the stage in front of live people, feeling hearts and minds moving. Everybody don’t get to do that. Touring to me has never been any kind of hardship. It’s a privilege.
-Bob Dylan (to Edna Gundersen – USA Today, July 20, 1988)

The second part of my take on “Bob Dylan N.E.T. 1988” includes the two last legs:

  • INTERSTATE 88 – Part 2: US and Canada Late Summer Tour
    August 19 – September 25
  • INTERSTATE 88 – Part 3: East Coast Fall Tour
    October 13 – December 6

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Bob Dylan – Never Ending Tour 1988 – Part 1

– “I really don’t have any place to put my feet up…. well, we want to play ‘cause we want to play… Why tour?
It’s just that you get accustomed to it over the years.
The people themselves will tell you when to stop touring.”
-Bob Dylan (to Kathryn Baker – Aug 1988)

The Never Ending Tour is the popular name for Bob Dylan’s endless touring schedule since June 7, 1988.

AD: Tell me about the live thing. The last tour has gone virtually straight into this one.
BD: Oh, it’s all the same tour. The Never Ending Tour…
-Adrian Deevoy Interview (October 21, 1989)

Bob Dylan has later rejected to “Never Ending Tour” tag.

Don’t be bewildered by the Never Ending Tour chatter. There was a Never Ending Tour but it ended in 1991 with the departure of guitarist G. E. Smith.
-Bob Dylan (album sleeve notes to World Gone Wrong (1993))

..but many of us like this tag, and continue to refer to his endless touring since June 7, 1988 as “The Never Ending Tour”.

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December 4: Bob Dylan: Oakland, CA – 1988 (video)

bob dylan bridge school 1988

The tape of the benefit performance shows that Dylan’s voice had recovered significantly during his six weeks off; unfortunately, it also suggests again that the two-guitar acoustic set format was not very stimulating for Dylan as a performer in 1988. These are again lackluster, uninspired performances, interesting solely because this was only the third time in his career that Dylan is known to have performed “Pretty Boy Floyd” on stage and because, as he had at the October shows, Dylan added Lo “With God on Our Side” a verse about the Vietnam War that he didn’t write – the Neville Brothers had added it when they recorded the song on an album produced by Daniel Lanois earlier that autumn.
~Paul Williams (Bob Dylan: Performing Artist Volume 3: Mind Out Of Time 1986 And Beyond)

Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, California
4 December 1988
An all acoustic evening of music to benefit The Bridge School.

  • Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar)
  • G.E. Smith (guitar)

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