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March 17: Elvis Costello and The Attractions released “This Year’s Model” in 1978



Perfectly balancing the raw energy of My Aim Is True with the more elegant pop songwriting that would come to characterize much of his later work, This Year’s Model is not only Costello’s best work, but one of the most distinctively brilliant albums ever to be released. For fans of rock music bursting with wit and character, it really just doesn’t get any better than this.
~Matt LeMay (pitchfork.com)

My favourite Costello album was released 17 March 1978 – 37 years ago today.

The Beat:

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Today: Patterson Hood is 49

Pattersoon Hood

“It in no way denies the horrible things that happened in the South during the civil rights struggle, … The KKK and church bombings – all of those things did happen, but at the same time there were people like my father making Aretha Franklin records, these southern white boys who made their living playing on some of the best soul records ever made.”
~Patterson Hood

American musician and singer/songwriter, plays Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano and works as producer and mixing engineer, born March 24, 1964. He is best known as leader of the Drive-By Truckers.
His father is David Hood, longtime bassist of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.

One of last years best songs from no.3 album on JV’s “The 25 best albums of 2012” is “Come back little Star”.

“Come Back Little Star” (Live at WFUV):

patterson hood live 2012

Mike Cooley & Patterson Hood formed the Drive-By Truckers in 1996, following a mutual relocation to Athens, GA. Drawing equal influence from country and rock & roll, the Drive-By Truckers released their first album, Gangstabilly, in 1998. However, it was with their ambitious double-disc set, 2001’s Southern Rock Opera, that garnered the Truckers their first dose of nationwide critical acclaim. Southern Rock Opera’s success as an independent release helped earn the a band a contract with Lost Highway Records, which soon reissued the album on a wider scale. After the label had a falling out with the DBTs over their somber follow-up, Decoration Day, the group bought the album back from Lost Highway and, instead, partnered with the independent label New West Records. Decoration Day was then released to rave reviews in 2003.
Mark Deming (allmusic.com)

patterson hood and mike cooley

One of the best songs from DBT’s brilliant “Southern Rock Opera”:

Ronnie & Neil:

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Another song from his great solo album from 2012: “Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance ”

Leaving Time:

Album of the day:

Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance (2012)

patterson hood heat lightnin Rumbles in the Distanceg

….While Patterson Hood’s first two solo albums were full of fine music, they often seemed to have been created as a venue for songs that just didn’t suit the DBTs. Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance, on the other hand, stands on its own as a catalog of troubled hearts and souls, and it’s a brave, compelling collection from an artist who continues to evolve in remarkable and unexpected ways.
Mark Deming – allmusic.com


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