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Video of the day: Motorpsycho covers Stay Young by Gallagher and Lyle

Motorpsycho stay young

Last night I saw an incredible cover version of Gallagher & Lyle’s 70s hit Stay Young at the Norwegian talk show, Trygdekontoret (“Social Services”). Trygdekontoret is hosted by Thomas Seltzer (“Happy Tom”), bass player and songwriter in Turbonegro, and every program has musical guests doing a cover song, often a great one!

Last night it had one of the best I’ve seen on the show, Motorpsycho played Stay Young. Stay Young is written by the Scottish duo Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle and is a track from the 1975 ( 1976?) Gallagher & Lyle album, “Breakaway”.

In the United States “Stay Young” was covered by Don Williams late in 1983 and it became his fifteenth number one country hit. 

Made me long for a new Tussler album…


Motorpsycho – Stay Young (Trygdekontoret, March 5 2014):

and the original

Gallagher & Lyle – Stay Young (it starts about 4:15 into the video):

and Don Williams’s number one hit

Don Williams – Stay Young (it starts about 3:54 into the video):

– Hallgeir