The Band – Best Songs (Paste, Stereogum, American Songwriter) – Video & Audio


3 Great lists.

Paste & Stereogum have a top 10 & AS has a top 20. I’ve let top 10 count for all of them & using the following key: 1 -12, 2 – 10, 3 – 8, 4 -7, 5 -6, … 10 – 1, 11 – 1…

Here are results:

the band best songs


For the goodies….

1. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (The Band, 1969)
Here from The Last Waltz:

2. It Makes No Difference (Northern Lights Southern Cross, 1975)
Here from The Last Waltz  (uncut album version):

3. The Weight (Music From Big Pink, 1968)
Here from The Last Waltz (the movie):

4. Acadian Driftwood (From Northern Lights Southern Cross, 1975)

5. Up On Cripple Creek (The Band, 1969)
Here from The Last Waltz

6. Whispering Pines (From The Band, 1969)

7. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) (From The Band, 1969)

8. Chest Fever (Music From Big Pink, 1968)

9. Ophelia (From Northern Lights Southern Cross, 1975)
Here From The Last Waltz

10. Across The Great Divide (From The Band, 1969) takes us hundreds of hours a month to research and write. If you find any joy and value in what we do, please consider donating.

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6 thoughts on “The Band – Best Songs (Paste, Stereogum, American Songwriter) – Video & Audio”

  1. Interesting to see one of my personal favorites Whispering Pines near the top. I’m also happy to see Across The Great Divide and We Can Talk get some love. The Band was at its best when Richard was strong.

    For me It Makes No Difference is too long and too maudlin. It wouldn’t make my top 20.

  2. Two corrections:
    Not unappreciated but “under appreciated.”

    Also it should be Rick, Richard and Levon.

    Too much of a good thing this holiday weekend will do that to your mind in the morning…

  3. Thanks much for this great compilation.
    I agree with many of the choices but here are a couple of changes for my list (for what it’s worth).

    Life Is A Carnival would be in my top 10.
    Stage Fright would be in the top 10.
    It Makes No Difference would be #1.
    The Rumor would change places with Ophelia.

    Nice to be able to listen to these gems this morning. In my mind The Band is still unappreciated for the contribution they made to American Music. It’s a shame we lost Rick, Richard and Garth. I’m sure they are mainstays in that hell of a band in Rock and Roll Heaven.

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