The Rolling Stones – RCA Studios, Hollywood – 6-9 March 1966

4 of the most important days in history of The Rolling Stones .. 48 years ago.

  • These recording sessions landed most of the masters for the forthcoming album “Aftermath” (UK number 1; US 2)
  • “Aftermath” was the first Stones album to include material composed entirely of Jagger/Richards
  • Brian Jones was “on fire” during these sessions… trying out lots of different instruments
  • On “Sean Egan’s” list of “50 Great Stones Songs” (from “The Rough Guide To The Rolling Stones”), he picks 5 songs recorded March 6-9, 1966

rolling stones aftermath

Masters recorded:

  • Lady Jane
  • Paint It, Black
  • Flight 505
  • High & Dry
  • It’s Not Easy
  • I Am Waiting
  • Long Long While
  • Out Of Time, V1 (Long version – “Aftermath” UK)
  • Out Of Time, V2 (“Flowers” US)
  • Stupid Girl
  • Under My Thumb
  • What To Do

Lady Jane (UK Vinyl Mono LP Mix):

Paint It, Black:

Keith Richards 1966 RCA

Long Long Time: 

 Out Of Time (long version):


Stupid Girl:

Under My Thumb (UK Vinyl Mono LP Mix):