May 22: Bruce Springsteen played Milton Keynes in 1993 (videos)

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May 22: Bruce Springsteen played Milton Keynes in 1993 (videos)

Great 93-concert – 22 years ago today!

The concert (all or some of it) was professionally shot with multiple cameras for an (never happened) upcoming DVD release. Instead a DVD bootleg is circulating:

Bruce Springsteen The lost 1993 TV Special

I’ve always had a weak spot for “Downbound Train“.. and this is a great version:

Milton Keynes National Bowl,GB

  1. Seeds (acoustic)
  2. Adam raised a Cain (acoustic)
  3. This hard land (acoustic)
  4. Better days
  5. Lucky town
  6. Atlantic City
  7. 57 channels (and nothin’ on)
  8. Badlands
  9. Satan’s jewelled crown
  10. My hometown
  11. Leap of faith
  12. Man’s job
  13. Roll of the dice
  14. Downbound train
  15. Because the night
  16. Brilliant disguise
  17. Human touch
  18. The river
  19. Who’ll stop the rain?
  20. Souls of the departed
  21. Born in the USA
  22. Light of day
  23. Hungry heart
  24. Viva Las Vegas
    Both: Hungry & Vegas:
  25. Glory days
  26. Thunder road
  27. Born to run
  28. My beautiful reward
  29. Working on the highway
  30. Rocking all over the world
  31. Bobby Jean
  32. It’s allright

The “Human Touch” Band:

  • Bruce Springsteen: vocals, guitar
  • Zachary Alford: drums
  • Roy Bittan: keyboards
  • Gia Ciambotti: vocals
  • Shane Fontayne: guitars
  • Cleo Kennedy: vocals
  • Bobby King: vocals
  • Angel Rogers: vocals
  • Patti Scialfa: vocals
  • Tommy Sims: bass guitar
  • Crystal Taliafero: guitars, vocal, saxophone


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