October 31: Bob Dylan & Friends – Plymouth 1975

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This is a ‘must have’ CD. Period. Fans of Rolling Thunder will find this first venue of the tour to be electrifyingly fresh and vibrant. Everything was new, mysterious, and exciting. The stunned audience would have to wait two more months for the release of this mystical music on the ‘Desire’ LP. As the tour wore on, some of the spontaneous edge began to dull with the wear and tear of life on the road. Fans of ‘Desire’ will thrill to the encore magic captured in Dylan’s voice and in Scarlet Rivera’s violin.

War Memorial Auditorium
Plymouth, Massachusetts
31 October 1975
Second Rolling Thunder Revue concert

Band include:

  • Bob Dylan (vocal, harmonica & guitar)
  • Bob Neuwirth (guitar & shared vocal on #1)
  • T-bone J. Henry Burnett (guitar)
  • Roger McGuinn (guitar)
  • Steven Soles (guitar)
  • Mick Ronson (guitar)
  • David Mansfield (steel guitar, violin, mandolin ,dobro)
  • Rob Stoner (bass)
  • Howie Wyeth (piano, drums)
  • Luther Rix (drums, percussion)
  • Ronee Blakley (vocal)
  • Scarlet Rivera (violin)
  • Joan Baez (vocal, guitar)

The <bold> songs are included in the embedded audio.

  1. When I Paint My Masterpiece
  2. It Ain’t Me, Babe
  3. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
  4. Romance In Durango
    We’re gonna dedicate this to Keith Richards
  5. Isis
  6. The Times They Are A-Changin’ [Dylan/Baez]
    We’ll do this one for David Crosby who’s out there somewhere.
  7. Let Me Go [Dylan/Baez]
  8. Mama, You Been On My Mind [Dylan/Baez]
  9. I Shall Be Released [Dylan/Baez]
  10. Diamonds And Rust (Joan Baez)
  11. Mary Hamilton (Joan Baez)
  12. Love Song To A Stranger (Joan Baez)
  13. Oh Happy Day (Joan Baez)
  14. Please Come To Boston (Joan Baez) (one-minute fragment)
  15. Chestnut Mare (Roger McGuinn)
  16. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Joan Baez)
  17. I Don’t Believe You
    Here’s a song about Hurricane Carter, maybe some of you have heard of him, maybe some of you have not … thank you Arthur, he helps us out .. and maybe you didn’t meet Scarlet, Scarlet’s over here, she plays the violin 
  18. Hurricane
  19. Oh Sister
  20. One More Cup Of Coffee
  21. Sara
  22. Just Like A Woman
  23. This Land Is Your Land [Revue]

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  1. How great is the version of ‘Never Let Me Go’, the old Johnny Ace song. You get that authentic 50s progression/Doo Wop feeling, even though it’s only Dylan and Baez singing. Beautiful.

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