Dec 3: Bob Dylan interview @ KQED-TV Studios, San Francisco, 1965 (videos)

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Oh, I think of myself more as a song and dance man, y’know
~Press Conference, San Francisco 3 December 1965

Legendary press conference.

The San Francisco Press Conference was set up by Ralph Gleason at KQED-TV, an educational station, in the bay area of San Francisco and took place on December 3rd 1965. It was broadcast on KQED later that day, just before Dylan and The Hawks played their first night at the Berkeley Community Theater.
Source: The Fiddler Now Upspoke, pp. 359-374.

KQED-TV Studios
San Francisco, California
3 December 1965
San Francisco Press Conference

Released on the DVD Dylan Speaks, Eagle Media MDV622, 30 October 2006.

Bob Dylan - Dylan Speaks

I don’t play folk-rock.

I’m glad you asked that. Oh, yeah, there’s the Sir Douglas Quintet, I think are probably
the best that are gonna have a chance of reaching commercial airways. They already
have with a couple of songs.

Do I consider myself a politician? Oh, I guess so. I have my own party though.

Yeah. Concerts are much more fun than they used to be.

Oh, they cut it in half for the disc jockeys. Well, you see, that song, it didn’t matter for
the disc jockeys if they had it cut in half because the other side was just a continuation
on the other side, and if anybody was interested they could just turn it over and listen to
what really happens, you know. But, we just made a song the other day which came out
ten minutes long, and I thought of releasing it as a single, but there was… they would
have easily released it and cut it up but it wouldn’t have worked that way, so we’re not
going to turn it out as a single. Its called Freeze Out, you know. You’ll hear it on the
next album.

Bob, where is Desolation Row?
BD: Where? Oh, that’s someplace in Mexico. It’s across the border. It’s noted for it’s coke
factory. Coca-Cola machines are… sells -… sell a lotta Coca-Cola down there.

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