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Playlist: Bob Dylan overlooked songs by decade – the 1960s

Bob Dylan recording Highway 61 Revisited in Columbia Studio A New York Summer 1965 Photograph by Don Hunstein
Photo by Don Hunstein

Hidden gems, buried treasures, deep cuts, forgotten or overlooked tracks, these songs have many descriptions. What are they?

Well, to me, it’s a great song that seldom (or never) is on the “best-of” lists of the artist, and it could have/should have been. They are sometimes alternative recordings or “out of print” releases.

I am talking about great songs that are often overlooked. We are talking about personal favorites that you wouldn’t rate among the artists top 20 (maybe), but deserve more praise and recognition than they get. Continue reading Playlist: Bob Dylan overlooked songs by decade – the 1960s

Bob Dylan’s best songs from the 1960s

672225d Bob Dylan

[on songwriting] The song was there before me, before I came along. I just sorta came down and I sorta took it down with a pencil that it was all there before I came around. That’s how I feel about it.
~to Pete Seeger, Broadside Show, WBAI-FM Radio, May 1962

Anything I can sing, I call a song. Anything I can’t sing, I call a poem. Anything I can’t sing or anything that’s too long to be a poem, I call a novel.
~Nat Hentoff quoting Dylan, jacket notes Freewheeling Dylan

“It’s hard being free in a song – getting it all in. Songs are so confining. Woody Guthrie told me once that songs don’t have to do anything like that. But it’s not true. A song has to have some kind of form to fit into the music. You can bend the words and the meter, but it still has to fit somehow. I’ve been getting freer in the songs I write, but I still feel confined. That’s why I write a lot of poetry – if that’s the word. Poetry can make it’s own form.”
~Nat Hentoff Interview, June 1964

“A song is anything that can walk by itself, I am called a songwriter. A poem is a naked person, some people say that I am a poet”.
~Jacket notes Subterranean Homesick Blues

Saturday (April 12 – 2014) I asked the question – What’s your top 5 Bob Dylan songs recorded in the 60’s ? – over at our Facebook page. As of writing 72 people (all Bob Dylan experts)  have uttered their opinions.

If you’re not on Facebook, or do not “like” our page.. you can use the comment section to post your 5 favorites.

Continue reading Bob Dylan’s best songs from the 1960s

Videos of the day: Johnny Cash 1960s live TV appearances


Today we’ve found two fantastic collections, almost every live appearances done by Johnny Cash in the 60s!

Our gratitude goes out to JohhnyCashfan66  who uploaded these great videos, as he says: “for the educational purpose of following one of the world’s greatest figures, I present Johnny Cash, 1960 – 1965”. Thank you!!

Part 1 1960-1965:

Track list part 1:
1960 – The Rebel Johnny Yuma (Dick Clark’s Saturday Night Show)
1960 – Ballad of the Harp Weaver (Jubilee USA)
1960 – Chaw ‘n’ Chewing Gum (Jubilee USA)
1960 – Snow in His Hair (Jubilee USA)
1960 – Don’t Take Your Guns to Town (The Ford Show)
1960 – Pickin’ Time (The Ford Show)
1961 – Big River (Star Route, USA)
1961 – Pickin’ Time (Star Route, USA)
1961 – Cry, Cry, Cry (Star Route, USA)
1961 – Five Feet High and Rising (Star Route, USA)
1961 – I Got Stripes (Star Route, USA)
1961 – God Has My Fortune Laid Away (Star Route, USA)
1962 – Big River (Grand Ole Opry)
1962 – Bonanza (Grand Ole Opry)
1962 – Five Feet High and Rising (Grand Ole Opry)
1962 – Were You There (Grand Ole Opry)
1963 – Ring of Fire (Unknown?)
1963 – Streets of Laredo (Hootenanny)
1963 – Frankie and Johnny (Hootenanny Hoot)
1964 – I Walk the Line (Barn Dance)
1964 – Big River (Barn Dance)
1964 – Busted (Barn Dance)
1964 – Busted (Hootenanny?)
1964 – I Walk the Line (Jimmy Dean Show)
1964 – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (Newport Folk Festival)
1964 – I Walk the Line (Newport Folk Festival)
1965 – Amen (Shindig)
1965 – Orange Blossom Special (Shindig?)

Missing Song:
1960 – Big River (Jubilee USA)

Part 2 1966-1969:

1966 – Orange Blossom Special
1966 – I Still Miss Someone (Sofia Gardens)
1966 – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Sofia Gardens)
1967 – Five Feet High and Rising
1967 – I Walk The Line (Roy Drusky Show)
1967 – I Guess Things Happen That Way (Roy Drusky Show)
1967 – Ballad of a Teenage Queen (Roy Drusky Show)
1967 – I Still Miss Someone (Roy Drusky Show)
1967 – Ring of Fire (Roy Drusky Show)
1967 – We’re Gonna Sing (Johnny Cash Show Demo)
1967 – It Takes a Worried Man (Johnny Cash Show Demo)
1967 – I Walk the Line (Johnny Cash Show Demo)
1967 – Fourth Man in the Fire [The Statler Brothers] (Johnny Cash Show Demo)
1967 – Foggy Mountain Top [June Carter] (Johnny Cash Show Demo)
1967 – I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight [Luther Perkins] (Johnny Cash Show Demo)
1967 – Were You There? (Johnny Cash Show Demo)
1967 – Were You There? (Road to Nashville)
1967 – The One on the Right is on the Left (Road to Nashville)
1968 – Folsom Prison Blues (Grand Ole Opry)
1968 – Folsom Prison Blues (Grand Ole Opry)
1968 – Ring of Fire (Grand Ole Opry)
1968 – Jackson (Grand Ole Opry)
1969 – A Boy Named Sue (Andy Williams Show)
1968 – I Walk the Line (Andy Williams Show)
1969 – A Boy Named Sue (Tom Jones Show)
1969 – I Walk the Line (Tom Jones Show)
1969 – Don’t Take Your Guns To Town (Tom Jones Show)
1969 – Dark As A Dungeon – Sixteen Tons – Legend of John Henry (Tom Jones Show)

1967 – I Walk the Line (Road to Nashville)

Wow! Right?!

– Hallgeir