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My favourite Bob Dylan bootleg from 2012 – Hallgeir


Barolo, Italy 16.07 the best Bob Dylan bootleg from 2012 according to Hallgeir

From The Collisioni Festival website:
“For three days a small village on the top of the hills turns into an open air non-stop stage where the audience attend lectures, readings and concerts for three days and live together in the magical mood of a small village in the hills. The concert arena is placed in the natural amphitheatre of the main village square, surrounded by the ancient vineyards of the five “grand crus of wine” Barolo. Collisioni is the biggest literature and music event in Piedmont organized with the grant aid of the Piedmont Region to promote culture and art.”


Forgetful Heart:

“The statue of an Oscar with two bracelets hanging down particularly inspires Bob or maybe it’s the wine of my country or something like that, but he was in a really great mood. The grand piano has added something to the concert avoiding the monotony of last autumn’s concerts. The band touched the perfection in many moments of the show, and sometimes went beyond. George Recile specially, he looked kissed by the Music’s God. The same disastrous beginning of ever, with Bob forgetting the words of Leopard skin, but then something happened, and Simple twist of fate was the most beautiful live performance I’ve ever seen, and the saddest one as it has to be. Great a Hard rain’s gonna fall, desperate and persuasive until the last rhymes, when Bob gave a breath of hope to humanity and the crowd with such an energetic finale.”
– Roberto Destefanis (Bob Links)

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