25 Best New Songs released in 2013 (Videos)


This is my list… just need to get it out..

I need to confess that I listen to way more “old” music during a year. Lot’s of old bootlegs & old classics. Hallgeir (my partner in crime here @ JV) is the one always checking out new music, and giving me input.

Anyways, I manage to get my share and there were many great albums released this year as well. For me Jason Isbell’s “Southeastern” was number uno.. by quite a distance, but a late runner: John Moreland’s “In The Throes” came knockin’ when the polls were closing.

I only allow a maximum of 2 songs each artist.

 Top 25

  1. Jason Isbell – Elephant

    I buried her a thousand times,
    giving up my place in line,
    but I don’t give a damn about that nowThere’s one thing that’s real clear to me,
    no one dies with dignity.
    We just try to ignore the elephant somehow.

  2. John Moreland – God’s Medicine

    I guess by now, I’m supposed to be a man
    They said I’d find some kind of freedom when I forgot I had a say
    But my grandmother still gives me ten bucks on my birthday
    And she told me that sleep is god’s medicine
    And you’re gonna die someday

  3. Son Volt – Angel Of The Blues

    And there was never any doubt
    Plans to make carried out
    Time keeps slipping through
    Angel of the blues
  4. Jason Isbell – Yvette
  5. Kacey Musgraves – Silver Lining
  6. Patty Griffin – Not A Bad Man
  7. Guy Clark – My Favorite Picture of You
  8. Holly Williams – Railroads
  9. John Moreland – Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore
  10. Lars Winnerback – Vem Som Helst Blues
  11. Austin Lucas – Rings
  12. Ashley Monroe – Like A Rose
  13. Mavis Staples –  Holy Ghost
  14. The National – Pink Rabbits
  15. The South – The Further Inside You Go…
  16. John Murry – Little Coloured Baloons
  17. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street
  18. Holly Williams – The Highway
  19. Son Volt – Down The Highway
  20. Patty Griffin – Don’t Let Me Die In Florida
  21. Lars Winnerback – Ett Slags Liv
  22. Austin Lucas – Alone In Memphis
  23. Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow
  24. John Grant – Vietnam
  25. The David Mayfield Parade – Love Will only Break Your Heart

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