Bob Dylan – Great duets part 4: British invasion

A duet is a musical composition for two performers in which the performers have equal importance to the piece. It is often used to describe a composition involving two singers. It differs from a harmony, as the performers take turns performing a solo section rather than performing simultaneously.

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Bob Dylan has done a lot of duets, we have collected some of our favourites and will present them in batches of three. This fourth post has three fine duets some great Brits.

Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello – I Shall Be Released:

Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones – Like A Rolling Stone:

Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton – Crossroads:

– Hallgeir

2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Great duets part 4: British invasion”

  1. Bob and Mick look like they are in different shows… but it works! Love the interaction between the two, when Bob seems to be having some real fun. With E.C., it seems to be fun from the opening chords. All 3 of these are real treats; thanks for posting.

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