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My favourite bootleg from 1969: The Dylan / Cash sessions – Hallgeir


My favourite bootleg from 1969:  The Dylan / Cash sessions

[Bob Dylan]…the greatest writer of our times
– Johnny Cash (introducing “Wanted Man” on the album “At San Quentin”)

“I was deeply into folk music in the early 1960s, both the authentic songs from various periods and areas of American life and the new ‘folk revival’ songs of the time, so I took note of Bob Dylan as soon as the Bob Dylan album came out in early ’62 and listened almost constantly to The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan in ’63. I had a portable record player I’d take along on the road, and I’d put on Freewheelin’ backstage, then go out and do my show, then listen again as soon as I came off.”
– Johnny Cash (Cash, autobiography)

..Johnny was and is the North Star; you could guide your ship by him – the greatest of the greats then and now. I first met him in ‘62 or ‘63 and saw him a lot in those years. Not so much recently, but in some kind of way he was with me more than people I see every day.
– Bob Dylan (Statement on Johnny Cash – Sept 2003)

“Of course, I knew of him before he ever heard of me, In ’55 or ’56. ‘I Walk the Line’ played all summer on the radio, and it was different than anything else you had ever heard. The record sounded like a voice from the middle of the Earth. It was so powerful and moving.”
– Bob Dylan

They recorded together at the CBS studios, Nashville, TN   February 17-18, 1969, and it resulted in my favourite Bob Dylan (and Johnny Cash bootleg from 1969), The Dylan / Cash Sessions. It was released in 1994 and re-released in 2004.

dylan cash versjon 2
2004 re-release

The background story goes something like this:

Johnny Cash wrote the young Bob Dylan a letter, and they began writing back and forth. They met at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival and Cash gave Bob Dylan his guitar (This is a Country Music Tradition and is seen as a gesture of great respect and admiration).

When Bob Dylan was in Nashville recording his ninth studio album, Nashville Skyline, Johnny Cash was recording in the next door studio. Cash joined Dylan at the end of the sessions. On February 17 and 18, 1969, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan laid down 15 tracks (that we know of). Only one, Girl From the North Country, was included on Nashville Skyline.

This is a bootleg of historic significance and a great recording. It is a document of two giants recording together, and even if it’s a bit loose and “hit and miss”, it is a joy to listen to. It’s a must have.

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The Best Bootlegs: Tom Waits Tales From The Riverside (no audio, sorry)

Tom Waits - Tales From The Riverside - Front

The Best Bootlegs: Tom Waits  Tales From The Riverside

A compilation of various tracks from various sources and I don’t think it was ever released commercially. But, quite a few of the songs has been released on Orphans and that’s why I’m inclined to call it a playlist rather than a bootleg. Anyway, I think it is a good compilation and one of the most played Tom Waits playlists in my home.

The track listing is taken right from the original artwork scans from the people at (now sadly closed), with a few additions from myself.

Tom Waits - Tales From The Riverside - Back

As we all know, the Tales From The Underground bootleg series is a great thing, for it features a huge collection of rare Tom Waits-songs that can’t be found on his official albums. Nevertheless, the folks who produced those bootlegs made some mistakes and forgot some great recordings. And there were a lot of new songs released after Tales From The Underground Volume 5 came out.

This compilation is meant as an addition to that great set.  It’s entitled Tales From the Riverside.

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The Rolling Stones – Brussels Affair ’73 (improved sound)


A version of the archive release ‘Brussels Affair ’73’ with improved sound quality. Mick Taylor’s guitar is more integrated than in the original version, whereon his guitar is audible at the extreme left side of the left channel. In this version the band sounds more as a unity. Most songs are from the second Brussels show, which is inferior to the first one (both dated 1973 Oct. 17), only Brown Sugar, Midnight Rambler and Street Fighting Man are from the first Brussels show, and also the solo on All Down The Line, which is thus a ‘hybrid’ song. The famous and superior bootleg Brussels Affair contains songs from the first Brussels show only.
~kleermaker1000 (youtube channel)

*** “Remixed and Remastered by Kevin @2014***

Compiled from two shows recorded in Brussels on 17 October 1973 in the Forest National Arena, during their European Tour. The album was released exclusively as a digital download through Google Music on 18 October 2011 in the US and through The Rolling Stones Archive website for the rest of the world in both lossy mp3 and lossless FLAC format. The 2011 digital edition has been bootlegged on physical CD.

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The Rolling Stones: Outtakes and Demos from “Exile on Main St.”

rolling stones 1972

These are outtakes & demos from the one of the greatest albums in recorded music history – The Rolling Stone’s “Exile On Main St.

Most of these songs are rough demos that they passed up on when releasing the new super loud deluxe edition of the album. There is many demos around of this album, that I felt the need to upload. Enjoy them!
~NightmareMusic (youtube channel)

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  1. Shine A Light (Demo Outtake)

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The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers Sessions (Bootleg)

rolling stones sticky fingers sessions

While many hold their next album, Exile On Main St., as their zenith, Sticky Fingers, balancing on the knife edge between the 60s and 70s, remains their most coherent statement.
~Chris Jones (

This wonderful bootleg contains many unreleased promo single mixes, and alternate takes of tracks from the “Sticky Fingers sessions”.

Sticky Fingers is in my opinion The Rolling Stones second best album.

The Rolling Stones - sticky-fingers



Sticky Fingers is the ninth British and 11th American studio album by English rock band the Rolling Stones, released in April 1971. It is the band’s first album of the 1970s and its first release on the band’s newly formed label, Rolling Stones Records, after having been contracted since 1963 with Decca Records in the UK and London Records in the US. It is also Mick Taylor’s first full-length appearance on a Rolling Stones album, the first Rolling Stones album not to feature any contributions from guitarist and founder Brian Jones and the first one on which singer Mick Jagger is credited with playing guitar.

Sticky Fingers is widely regarded as one of the Rolling Stones’ best albums. It achieved triple platinum certification in the US and contains songs such as the chart-topping “Brown Sugar”, the country ballad “Wild Horses”, the Latin-inspired “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”, and the sweeping ballad “Moonlight Mile”.

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