The Rolling Stones: Outtakes and Demos from “Exile on Main St.”

rolling stones 1972

These are outtakes & demos from the one of the greatest albums in recorded music history – The Rolling Stone’s “Exile On Main St.

Most of these songs are rough demos that they passed up on when releasing the new super loud deluxe edition of the album. There is many demos around of this album, that I felt the need to upload. Enjoy them!
~NightmareMusic (youtube channel)

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  1. Shine A Light (Demo Outtake)

  2. Stop Breaking Down (Demo Outtake)
    An early rough take of Stop Breaking Down.

  3. All Down The Line (Outtake Demo)
    An early rough take of All Down the Line.

  4. Let It Loose (Outtake Instrumental)

  5. I Ain’t Signifying (Outtake Demo)

  6. Ventilator Blues (Demo Outtake)

  7. Loving Cup (Outtake Demo)

  8. Sweet Black Angel (Demo Instrumental)

  9. Sweet Virginia (Demo)

  10. Hillside Blues

  11. Shake Your Hips (Outtake)

  12. Good Time Women (Tumbling Dice Demo)

  13. Get A Line On You (Shine A Light Demo)

  14. Exile on Main St. Blues

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