November 25: Bob Dylan live at Winterland (The Last Watz), San Francisco 1976 (Videos)

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… at THE LAST WALTZ, Neil Diamond came off stage and said to Dylan, “You’ll have to be pretty good to follow me”. Dylan came back with: “What do I have to do, go on stage and fall asleep?”
~Ron Wood

Dylan was among those taking part, and though it was far from his best performance, he was sympathetically filmed, as were The Band when they were on stage with him—perhaps especially Levon Helm, in fact, whose keen relish of Dylan’s unpredictability is captured beautifully.
~Michael Gray (The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia)

San Francisco, California
25 November 1976

  • Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal)
  • Robbie Robertson (guitar)
  • Garth Hudson (synthesizer)
  • Richard Manual (keyboards)
  • Rick Danko (bass)
  • Levon Helm (drums)

on “I shall be Released”:

  • Eric Clapton (vocal & guitar)
  • Ron Wood (guitar)
  • Paul Butterfield
  • Bobby Charles
  • Neil Diamond
  • Ronnie Hawkins
  • Dr John
  • Richard Manuel
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Van Morrison
  • Neil Young (vocals)
  • Ringo Starr (drums)


  1. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Eric von Schmidt)
  2. Hazel
  3. I Don’t Believe You
  4. Forever Young
  5. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Eric von Schmidt)
  6. I Shall Be Released

bob dylan, van morrison & Robbie Robertson

Full Dylan set – poor video quality .. good sound quality:

Check out:


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  1. Michael Gray …“It was far from his best performance”; “He was sympathetically filmed” . I have to say man you’re a bit hard to please. Kindly compete with your best performance than you can feel qualified to compare Yours and Bob’s music; until then if I were you I ‘d pass on saying such as you did.

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