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Bob Dylan’s best songs: Positively 4th Street #13 (Audio & Video)

bob dylan positively 4th street

You got a lotta nerve
To say you are my friend
When I was down
You just stood there grinning

… I was gonna put Positively 4th Street on the other side, but, uh… I didn’t figure anybody could understand it so…
~Bob Dylan (Bob Fass/WBAI Interview, 26 Jan 1966)

Outside of a song like Positively 4th Street, which is extremely one-dimensional, which I like, I don’t usually purge myself by writing anything about any type of quote, so-called,
relationships. I don’t have the kinds of relationships that are built on any kind of false pretense, not to say that I haven’t.
~Bob Dylan (Scott Cohen, Sept 1985)

This masterpiece would have fitted nicely on “Highway 61 Revisited”.. where it did belong.

original version:

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Bob Dylan: 5 Great live versions of “I’ll Remember You”



I’ll remember you
When I’ve forgotten all the rest
You to me were true
You to me were the best
When there is no more
You cut to the core
Quicker than anyone I knew
When I’m all alone
In the great unknown
I’ll remember you

An ok song from “Empire Burlesque” (1985), but there are loads of Great live versions.

Dylan performed it over 200 times live between 1986 & 2005.

Here are five great live versions:

Westfalenhalle 1
Dortmund, West Germany
15 September 1987

I’ll remember you
At the end of the trail
I had so much left to do
I had so little time to fail
There’s some people that
You don’t forget
Even though you’ve only seen ’m one time or two
When the roses fade
And I’m in the shade
I’ll remember you

Didn’t I, didn’t I try to love you?
Didn’t I, didn’t I try to care?
Didn’t I sleep, didn’t I weep beside you
With the rain blowing in your hair?

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New music: First Aid Kit give us a taste from the album Stay Gold

FAK OYA 2012-2

First Aid Kit return 10th of June with a follow-up to their 2012 sophomore set, The Lion’s Roar. Producer Mike Mogis is back on board. The new album is called Stay Gold.

The newly released track, My Silver Lining, shows that First Aid Kit is in “kind of” a hippie mode, they “keep on keeping on” and the New Riders would have been proud. The south-western early 70s country/rock is intact. The snippets that we’ve heard sounds a bit “wider”, more cinematic. Maybe because of the strings by the Omaha Symphony Orchestra. The photos are from a concert at the Oya festival in 2012.

My Silver Lining is a great track in the car, and it gets better with each listen!

My Silver Lining (audio):

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Look out for St. Paul and The Broken Bones


Gritty with an elemental rhythm, tight-as-a-drumhead playing, and a profound depth of feeling: these are the promises of a great soul band. And St. Paul & The Broken Bones deliver on those promises.

Front man Paul Janeway’s handle “St. Paul” is a witty allusion to the vocalist’s grounding in the church. Like so many soul singers, Janeway, from Alabama, was raised on the gospel side, in a non-denominational, Pentecostal-leaning local church. Virtually no non-religious music could be heard in his devout household.

“The only secular music that I heard at all was a ‘70s group called the Stylistics, and Sam Cooke. That was about it. The rest of it was all gospel music. When I was about 10 years old, I was groomed to be a minister. My goal in life until I was about 18 years old was to be a preacher.”
– Paul Janeway

St. Paul & The Broken Bones – Don’t mean a thing:

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Bob Dylan: Hamburg, Germany October 19, 2013 (Full concert audio)

bob dylan hamburg 2013



Hamburg, Germany
CCH (Congress Center Hamburg)
October 19, 2013

  • Bob Dylan – piano, harp
  • Tony Garnier – bass
  • George Recile – drums
  • Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar
  • Charlie Sexton on lead guitar
  • Donnie Herron – banjo, violin, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

1. Things Have Changed
2. She Belongs To Me
3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
4. What Good Am I?
5. Pay In Blood
6. Waiting For You
7. Duquesne Whistle
8. Tangled Up In Blue
9. Love Sick
10. High Water (For Charley Patton)
11. Simple Twist Of Fate
12. Early Roman Kings
13. Forgetful Heart
14. Spirit On The Water
15. Scarlet Town
16. Soon After Midnight
17. Long And Wasted Years

18. All Along The Watchtower
19. Blowin’ In The Wind


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