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Today: Roger Daltrey is 70 Happy Birthday

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 I can’t retire.
~Roger Daltrey



First of all, you have to understand that I’m like anybody else. When I hear my voice on a record I absolutely loathe my voice. I cannot stand my voice.
~Roger Daltrey


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Today: The Who released It’s Hard in 1982


It’s Hard is the tenth studio album by English rock band The Who. It is the last Who album to feature bassist John Entwistle and drummer Kenney Jones, as well as the last to be released on Warner Bros. Records in the US. It was their last album until 2006’s Endless Wire. It was released in 1982 on Polydor in the UK, peaking at #11,] and on Warner Bros. in the US where it peaked at #8 on the Billboard Pop Albums charts. It got mixed reviews on its release, but I find it interesting. It’s a bit different, but I love Townshend’s playfulness and willingness to seek new challenges.

The Rolling Stone Magazine’s Parke Puterbaugh gave the album a rave review and said it was their best album since Who’s Next:

“The key to the album is “I’ve Known No War,” a song that could become an anthem to our generation much the way “Won’t Get Fooled Again” did a decade ago.

The entire album is vibrant with the palpable energy of rekindled bonds and rediscovered group values.

It’s a long road the Who have traveled from the bristling, bare-knuckled fury of their early days to the present. They rank among a handful of vanguard rock musicians who show signs of pushing through the age barrier and creating a viable adult vocabulary for rock, one that faces up to the moral responsibilities of middle age and allows them to use their craft to effectively shape consciousness. It must seem especially ironic to Townshend that this is true of the band that sang “hope I die before I get old” back in 1965, but there you go: always the group that delivers the unexpected. “

Eminence Front (Live, official video):

Athena (Live at Shea Stadium, 1982):

It’s Hard on Spotify:

– Hallgeir

The Who videos & concerts

The Who Performing in Concert

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The Who – I Am One – Wed, 23 May 2007: Sheffield, Arena (Video)

pete townshend 2007 Sheffield

“We are not the Arctic Monkeys, .. I wouldn’t want to go through that… ”
~Pete Townshend

Lovely version of “I Am One” from the Sheffield (UK) concert of the “The Who Tour 2006–2007“.

pete townshend 2007 Sheffield

Every year is the same
And I feel it again,
I’m a loser – no chance to win.
Leaves start falling,
Come down is calling,
Loneliness starts sinking in.

But I’m one.
I am one.
And I can see
That this is me,
And I will be,
You’ll all see
I’m the one.


The Who – 30 Greatest songs – a list from Uncut Magazine Oct. 2009 (videos & Audio)

The who

It’s Pete Townshend’s 68th birthday tomorrow.. & in addition to our upcoming calendar post .. here is a great list.

From the Oct.2009 edition of Uncut Magazine. Videos & pictures are included at top 15…

All quotations are from Uncut’s article.

30. Shakin’ All Over
29. Boris The Spider
28. Heaven And Hell
27. Sparks
26. Guitar And Pen
25. I’m One
24. Happy Jack
23. Magic Bus
22. Young Man Blues
21. Tea And Theatre

20. Pinball Wizard
19. Who Are You
18. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
17. So Sad About Us
16. 5.15

15. The Kids Are Alright

14. See Me, Feel Me

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