Classic Bob Dylan Bootleg: The Oh Mercy outtakes 1989

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Classic Bob Dylan bootleg 1989: The Oh Mercy Outtakes

“Most of them [the songs on “Oh Mercy”] are stream-of-consciousness songs, the kind that come to you in the middle of the night, when you just want to go back to bed. The harder you try to do something, the more it evades you. These weren’t like that.”
~Bob Dylan (to Edna Gundersen, 21 September 1989)

There are several releases that has these outtakes, the first I found was Deeds of Mercy but my favourite is Mercy on Us: The Oh Mercy outtakes remastered. Essentially the same release but with better sound.  I think they managed to cut the hiss, without ruining the music – unlike so many other times…

 “These recordings have traded for years, and have appeared on several commercial bootlegs. The cover states the tracks to be remastered, and indeed they sound great. The package is a cardboard triptych with some beautiful “Oh Mercy” inspired graphics. The track list shown on the back cover is correct except for one thing…What Good Am I? has a misspelling and appears as “What Goog Am I?”. Other than that typo, this is truly a stunning title . Highly recommended!”
– Bobsboots

Highlights: Born in Time, Shooting Star (both takes) and God Knows but everything is highly recommended and I would pick different songs if you asked me another day.

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Two other bootlegs from the Oh Mercy sessions:

deeds of mercy


“…Songs like “Series of Dreams” and “God Knows” are changelings, mutating into new and different creatures with each successive take. And Dylan is possessed by a focus and energy absent from his music for far too long, summoning dark, fiery vocals that perfectly complement Lanois’ dreamlike soundscapes…”
– Jason Ankeny (Allmusic)

Liner notes:

mercy liner 1

mercy liner 2

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Daniel Lanois on ‘The Making Of’ Bob Dylan’s ‘Oh Mercy’:

– Hallgeir

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  1. I have a version called Mo’ Mercy. It has 19 tracks ( 2 versions each of Everything is Broken and Ring Them Bells). The cover pic is the same as the official Oh Mercy CD / LP release

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