Jan 24: The late Warren Zevon was born in 1947

PRZ-008080 All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles
I’m gonna drink ’em upAnd if California slides into the ocean
Like the mystics and statistics say it will
I predict this motel will be standing until I pay my bill

~Warren Zevon (Desperados Under the Eaves)


Few of rock & roll’s great misanthropes were as talented, as charming, or as committed to their cynicism as Warren Zevon.
~Mark Deming (allmusic.com)

Live in Passaic NJ, 1982 (The Full Concert):

BF: Who are some of your favorite songwriters?
Bob Dylan: Buffett I guess. Lightfoot. Warren Zevon. Randy. John Prine. Guy Clark. Those kinds of writers.
~Bob Dylan (to Huffington Post – May 2009)

warren zevon

We buy books because we believe we’re buying the time to read them
~Warren Zevon

the classic – Warren Zevon’s last Letterman Appearance:

Lawyers, Guns and Money (from BBC):

Send lawyers, guns and money; the shit has hit the fan.

From Wikipedia:

Birth name Warren William Zevon
Also known as Sandy Zevon
Stephen Lyme
Born January 24, 1947
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Died September 7, 2003 (aged 56)
Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Rock, Country rock, folk rock,Americana, hard rock, piano rock, blues rock
Occupations Songwriter, musician
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Years active 1965–2003

Warren William Zevon (January 24, 1947 – September 7, 2003) was an American rock singer-songwriter and musician. He was known for the dark and somewhat bizarre sense of humor in his lyrics.

Zevon’s work has often been praised by well-known musicians, including Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. His best-known compositions include “Werewolves of London”, “Lawyers, Guns and Money”, “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner” and “Johnny Strikes Up the Band”, all of which are featured on his third album, Excitable Boy (1978). Other well-known songs written by Zevon have been recorded by other artists, including “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” (a top 40 hit by Linda Ronstadt), “Accidentally Like a Martyr”, “Mohammed’s Radio”, “Carmelita”, and “Hasten Down the Wind”.



Hasten Down The Wind:

She’s so many women
He can’t find the one who was his friend
So he’s hanging on to half her heart
He can’t have the restless part
So he tells her to hasten down the wind
~WZ (Hasten down the wind)

Along with his own compositions, Zevon recorded or performed occasional covers, including Allen Toussaint’s A Certain Girl, Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan”. He was a frequent guest on Late Night with David Letterman and the Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman later performed guest vocals on “Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song)” with Paul Shaffer and members of the CBS Orchestra on Warren Zevon’s My Ride’s Here album.

Warren Zevon2

Album of the day

Warren Zevon (1976)

Warren Zevon album

Check out:

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  • Aaron Neville (born January 24, 1941, New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American soul and R&B, country singer, and musician. He has had four top-20 hits in the United States (including three that went to number one on Billboard’s adult contemporary chart and one that went to number one on the R&B chart) along with four platinum-certified albums. He has also recorded with his brothers Art, Charles and Cyril as The Neville Brothers and is the father of singer/keyboards player Ivan Neville. Of mixed African American and Native American heritage, his music also features Cajun and Creole influences.

-Egil & Hallgeir

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  1. ‘Twas the last time Bob came to AZ that Warren had recently died and Bob was covering one, sometimes two songs a night. I so wanted to hear Lawyers Guns and Money, the third and final show of the tour I would be seing, in Tucson. It was I who asks after a second Warren Song for another and Bob chuckled, and spouted something that he was a Warren Zevon Cover band or something. BOB, if you read these ever, sorry and thanks much for the memories galore on the road and through my speakers and tele you’ve given and continue to. Just read the AARP article and yet another road begins… Wow man. I’ve just gotten back into the first recording, my dad turned me on to it saying, “I don’t like it but I think you will. His name is “Bobbie Dielin”. I loved it, but was surprised that it was the one release I didn’t have and I’d worn that vinyl copy til it wouldn’t play any longer; just picked it up at the library today. Love the singles for those of us who pr-bought and the special single.
    ANY CHANCE OR does anyone out there have Renaldo and Clara? I SWEAR it was on Netflix; i went to watch it a few nights after I’d seen it there and it was gone…..
    Babbling and meandering all around here and not sure if i’m allowed to or you’ll print it but yet another Bob Dylan tie-in for me personally, and there have been oh-so-many, is his “getting” Warren. Bob does Mutineer pretty darn well as he does accidentally like a martyr, and even Brown Sugar, which I got to hear a few years ago earlier in Phoenix at the fairgrounds. It’s always been good for me with Bob; from deals on releases when my cash was short, to getting front row in DC once by allowing some young lady to sit on my lap; she told me I could stay if I let her sit on my lap so I did, TO, happening to be wearing a dark red shirt with a hazy jerry garcia impression on it actually, when I went to see him Canandaigua NY, circa 1988 maybe? anyway, all security had on dark red shirts, the same tone as mine; i had no money and was planning to just listen outside, but in i sache’d and stayed; it seems like a common thread the no money, but heck I saw him in a side swanky upper balcony at symphone hall in phoenix when Stevie Nicks came out for the encore and I saw the opener which bob did, at a casino in vegas once when Bono came out and encored, the list goes on to even with Phil Lesh when they toured back when; never saw the dylan/dead combo and that’s another story. I remember seeing him the day the “Under a red sky” came out, outdoor in phoenix area, same place where the Dead brought back Here Comes SUnshine I believe, anyway, I’d gotten a pre release and knew it back and forth; the one with Cats in the Well and Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle; anyway, not one song from it; you know what, it was still an amazing show; Bob Live I see as his church and he does it to the masses. I was 14 I believe when I saw him at Stabler in Beth, PA, my home town, and it was the “Born Again” tour; i walked out, good Jewish Boy I was…. Only to then wish I hadn’t as those “Born Again” era releases and times continue to be among the ones I listen to more than others, as same with “Street Legal” too, his “Anti-born again” release if you will, with my all time favorite song, if I’m only allowed one, and no one knows it too much and I don’t believe he’s ever played it but if you know what I don’t, please let me know, “NEW PONY”. I’ll be done soon. I have music as William Loves Excitable Gods (Note the Warren Zevon inspiration and there is “song for warren zevon” and a cover, of “Bill Lee”, a song from Warren’s “Bad luck streak…” release, anyway, the point is that there is a “Song for Bob DYlan” which I wish I just called it that but fired it was corny with already having the song for warren, it’s “Twinkle in the eye”. Tight Connection To MY Heart indeed!! Over and out, TYVM, W.L.

    1. Wow! Thanks for long and interesting feedback

      – I think Renaldo and Clara is out there on the big internet, by the way, we will have a post on the film tomorrow 🙂

      – Hallgeir

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