16th and 17th of November: My favourite Bob Dylan bootleg 1993 The Supper Club


The concerts @ the Supper Club in Nov 1993 are considered by “most” fans to be “The Real MTV unplugged”. 4 fantastic shows in 2 days, all of them delivered at approximately 60 min. This Soundboards series presents the legendary  shows in incredible quality. It simply can’t get  better than this. Well, it says soundboards but they sound like proffesional studio recordings (or very close). Search for all 4 they are fantastic!

  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar & harmonica)
  • Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar)
  • John Jackson (guitar, banjo)
  • Tony Garnier (bass)
  • Winston Watson (drums & percussion)

“The early show performance [of “Ring Them Bells – Supper Club 17 Nov]…. may well be the single finest moment of the Never Ending Tour…”
~Clinton Heylin (Still On The Road)

Highlights: The three first shows are slightly better than the last, but they are all incredible!

Here are some audio & a video.

One Too Many Mornings and Queen Jane Approximately for the Supper Club performances (video):

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supper club

A mixture of old classics, songs he hadn’t played for a while and tracks from World Gone Wrong were all treated to the true authentic voice of Bob Dylan. Not only that but each show seemed better than the previous one and some songs, such as, “Queen Jane” & “Ring Them Bells” , were performed nearly as well as they have ever been, either before or since.
-Andrew Muir (Razor’s Edge)

Ring Them Bells – ? (video):

16 November 1993

16th first 16th second
Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love):

“If highlights must be chosen, however, this version of Tight Connection To My Heart and My Back Pages works very well, and this is the live debut of Blood in My Eyes. The biggest highlight of all, though, has to be hearing the entire show performed acoustic with the band. A must have performance in every sense of the word.”
– Bobsboots (on the first show the 16th)


17 November 1993
Early show
1. Ragged And Dirty (traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
2. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
3. Blood In My Eyes (traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
4. Queen Jane Approximately

17th first 17th_second

“Of all the four shows, this one is arguably the best. The instruments are well mixed, and Bob’s vocals are as clear as a bell. Every song is a highlight. Jim Jones is simply perfect. The band remains minimal, and the result is eloquent. This is the first performance of Weeping Willow.”
Bobsboots (on the 2nd show the 17th)

Here are the complete Nov 16 early & late shows:



Another boot with some of the same material
Another boot with some of the same material


– Hallgeir

5 thoughts on “16th and 17th of November: My favourite Bob Dylan bootleg 1993 The Supper Club”

  1. If your favourite Dylan bootleg is the Supper Club shows, I can only assume that you haven’t heard many Dylan bootleg recordings.

    1. It’s my favourite of 1993. Your assumption about Dylan bootlegs are erroneous, Sir. I have 40-50 on physical media, and many many hundreds on hard drives + most of the available concerts through the years. I consider the uniqueness of the Supperclub recordings, and think they are of both musical and historical value.

      But you are off course entitled to have your own opinion on the matter 🙂

  2. every song of Dylan’s is superb and a landmark after landmark also, please stop already on the voice…dylan’s voice is iconic. (e)

  3. Over the years, I have cooled on these shows.
    I used to really love them but as the NET has progressed, they seem like less of a landmark than they did.
    Bob’s voice isn’t in great shape and while I love some individual songs, I don’t listen to a whole show now.
    I’d always pull out a 95, 99 or 2000 show in preference.
    Sacrilege – I know….

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