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The Best Albums 2015

best records 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to look back on the last 12 months in music and as tradition goes, this involves the unveiling of our 25 Best Albums Of The Year.

– as always, it has been a struggle, we have fought and bled and finally agreed on the 25 best records of 2015. The ones we’ve played most, that has gotten us most excited or are just too good to ignore. We, as you can see, listen most to music in the, so called, roots oriented genres. However, we do listen to all kinds of music, it’s just that there aren’t that many good albums (in our views) in the other “genres” this year.

What did we get wrong? What did we miss? Well, nothing of course, this is THE list. No, just kidding, this is our view of the year in music, and as we have said many times before, we only write about the stuff we like and we can not reach everything.

Head over to Born To Listen and check out our list

Best albums of 2014 according to MOJO & Q Magazine

mojo mag

The end-year lists are starting to pop up. We all love lists, not just our own lists.

As last year I will post end-year lists from some magazine’s, here two from QA Magazine & MOJO Magazine.

Check out:

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Bob Dylan’s best albums – UPDATED

bob dylan album 1962 bob dylan freewheelin Dylan_The_Times_They_Are_A_Changin_front Bob_Dylan_-_Another_Side_Of_Bob_Dylan bob dylan bringing it all back home Bob_Dylan_-_Highway_61_Revisited
bobdylan-blondeonblonde-cover Bob Dyaln-john-wesley-harding bob dylan nashville skyline bobdylan-selfportrait-cover bob dylan new morning Bob Dylan - Pat Garret
Bob_Dylan-Planet_Waves-Frontal blood-on-the-tracks-album-cover Bob_Dylan-Desire-Frontal Bob-Dylan-Street-Legal Bob Dylan slow train bob dylan saved
Bob_Dylan-Shot_Of_Love-Frontal Infidels Bob Dylan - Empire Burlesque Knocked out loaded Bob Dylan - album-down-in-the-groove Bob_Dylan-Oh_Mercy-Frontal
bob dylan under the red sky album-good-as-i-been-to-you Bob_Dylan-World_Gone_Wrong-Frontal bob-dylan-time-out-of-mind-1997 Bob Dylan - love-and-theft bob dylan modern times 2006
Bob Dylan - Together_Through_Life bob_dylan_christmas_in_the_heart_20 COLUMBIA RECORDS BOB DYLAN ALBUM

UPDATED to include 22 lists from the comments section in this post.

The new votes caused some (minor) changes to the list. Most important: BIABH moved up to #4 & TOOM dropped to #5.

Saturday I asked the question – What are your five favorite Bob Dylan studio albums ? – over at our Facebook page. The response was great. As of writing 80 people (all Bob Dylan experts)  have uttered their opinions.
If you’re not on Facebook, or do not “like” our page.. you can use the comment section to post your 5 favorites. I will update this list at a later stage.

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Best Albums of 2013 based on lists from 5 different Magazine’s

 Check out:

The chosen magazine’s

  • Uncut
  • American Songwriter
  • MOJO
  • Rolling Stone
  • Paste

The Nomination process & rules

I enjoy Uncut & American Songwriter more than the other 3..thus

  • top 15 from Uncut & American Songwriter are nominated & top 10 from MOJO, Rolling Stone & Paste
  • albums rated lower than this are nominated only if they are present on any other list
  • The score from Uncut & American Songwriter is multiplied by a factor of 1,5
  • No.1 gets 60 points, 2 – 58, …. 10 – 42, 11 – 40, 12 – 39….. & 50 gets 1 point.

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