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July 27 in music history

Bobbie Gentry is 70 Happy Birthday (read more)

Roberta Lee Streeter (born July 27, 1944), professionally known as Bobbie Gentry, is an American former singer-songwriter notable as one of the first female country artists to compose and produce her own material. Her songs typically drew on her Mississippi roots to compose vignettes of the Southern United States.

bobbie gentry

July 27: Bob Dylan: North Country Blues, Newport, Rhode Island 1963 (read more)

On July 26, 1965, Johnny Cash performed at Newport with this great band:


  • Johnny Cash (v, acg)
  • Luther Perkins (eg)
  • Marshall Grant (b)
  • WS Holland (d)


Bob Dylan Newport 1963

Leon Russell Wilkeson (2 April 1952 – 27 July 2001)

Bassist of Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd from 1972 until his death in 2001

With its outlaw/party-hearty image, tough southern rock, and solid touring, Skynyrd quickly became one of the top bands of the 1970s, scoring such hit albums as 1974’s Second Helping, 1975’s Nuthin’ Fancy, 1976’s Gimme Back My Bullets and One More from the Road, plus 1977’s Street Survivors—and such hit singles as “Free Bird” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” It was also during this classic era that Wilkeson picked up the gimmick of wearing colorful hats onstage, garnering the nickname “Mad Hatter.”

Conway Savage (born 27 July 1960) is an Australian rock musician best known as pianist/organist/backing vocalist for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.Savage joined the group in 1990 for their The Good Son tour of that year, and has since appeared on albums such as Henry’s DreamLet Love InMurder BalladsThe Boatman’s CallNo More Shall We Part and Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus. One of his more noticeable performances is on the song “The Willow Garden”, a b-side of “Where the Wild Roses Grow”, where in a rare occasion for the Bad Seeds, Conway does lead vocals. conway_savage_pola
New York Dolls is the debut studio album by the New York Dolls, released on July 27, 1973, by Mercury Records. The band formed in 1971 and developed a following while playing regularly in lower Manhattan. However, they were unappealing to record companies because of their onstage cross-dressing and vulgarity, while most record producers were reluctant to work with them. For shock value, the band was photographed in exaggerated drag on the album cover. NewYorkDollsNewYorkDolls

Spotify Playlist – July 27

Best albums of 2013 number 25 to 16


AS 2013 draws to a close, it’s time to look back on the last 12 months in music and as tradition goes, this involves the unveiling of our 25 Best Albums Of The Year – as always, it has been a struggle, we have fought and bled and finally agreed on the 25 best records of 2013.  There will be three posts, the excitement will be unbearable and the top 5 will be revealed in a couple of days..

What did we get wrong? What did we miss? Well, nothing of course, this is THE list.  No, just kidding, this is our view of the year in music, and as we have said many times before, we only write about the stuff we like and we can not reach everything.

Enjoy! …and use the comments to voice your opinions!

seven doors hotel the arcade

25. Seven Doors Hotel – The Arcade

I need to know why you left
Was it the pills or just the loneliness
I miss your shaky voice
And I wanna know, where did you go
(Gone Again)

Lovely Norwegian country-rock.. close to “The Jayhawks” (Alexander Lindbäck was actually stand-in for The Jayhawks drummer Tim O´Reagan a short period in the summer of 2011). This is just a very catchy album, great music to be played loud in the car (and elsewhere). “Gone Again” is the album’s highlight for me, a song about the late artist “St. Thomas” (a close friend of Alexander Lindbäck). If you like vital & fresh Country-rock you need to check this one out!

Egil: Gone Again, Dead Man’s Car, 225 Parsons Street
Hallgeir: Gone Again, Go With You, Dead Man’s Car

Gone Again (Official video):

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Video of the day – Nick Cave at Glastonbury 2013


Photos from Bergenfest 2013 by Johannasvisions

The Guardian:

“…slowly the set takes focus; Deanna roars along with a savage edge but Tupelo introduces a hint of Cave’s inherent grandeur, allowing him to slip from there to the piano to croon a moving People Ain’t No Good. At which point restraint becomes as powerful as the Seeds’ ravenous beer-hall bluster; a ten-minute Stagger Lee is a masterclass in tension and drama, Cave balancing precariously on the crowd barrier with audience members holding him up by the boot-heel as he leans out to sing his tale of a deviant killer directly into the eyes of a hypnotised girl in white hoisted on someone’s shoulders.”

This set (Glastonbury 2013) is well worth seeing, but they were a lot better in Bergen, Norway (Bergenfest), there they were fantastic!

Here is the set from Glastonbury 2013:

Jubilee Street
From Her to Eternity
Jack the Ripper
People Ain’t No Good
The Mercy Seat
Stagger Lee
Push the Sky Away
Encore: Red Right Hand

DSC_5269.NEF DSC_5232.NEF

– Hallgeir

Bergenfest 2013: The Second day – a great festival day

nc 3

The rainy weather could not spoil this lovely day @ Bergenfest. We got some fantastic concerts & had a helluva time!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
 What a concert! My first show with Nick Cave, he stumbled through the first songs like an over-eager kid. Then he tightened his grip, he slammed us into the walls, he held us up to God’s jugdment and we felt like beaten sinners after the mass.I got all the songs that I hoped for, the highlights for me were; a ferocious Mercy Seat and a drawn out Stagger Lee that had the most “Motherfucks/-ing” in a song ever. And by the way, he is still the coolest motherfucker on the scene.The best concert at this years Bergenfest (so far).- Hallgeir
  His presence was immediate.. he was in for the kill. Demanding & getting our full attention even though he was a bit rusty the first couple of songs. From Here To Eternity (#3) was intense, Weeping Song (#4) a bit out of focus, false start on Deanne (#6), but with Red Right Hand things got serious. Tupelo (#9) was majestic, & when he sat down at the keyboard and did my current fav People ain’t no good (#10) we were in some kind of a “Hellish Heaven”. The Mercy Seat (#12), one of the absolute best songs  he’s written, could have been better.. but still lovely. Then came Stagger Lee (#13) – best performance yesterday – a real mother fucker version (yes… he shouted “MOTHER FUCKER” at least 20 times during this one). The last three songs were good, but could not touch Stagger Lee… (than again who/what could?)

nc 1

Magic Mirrors – 21:15:

jg 2

John Grant
 I saw a John Grant solo concert two years ago (well, he had one guy on stage with him on some songs) and it really changed my view on Mr. Grant. I was mesmerised. I thought I was prepared for this years show, but when the man starts to sing everything else disappears. He is one of the finest singer/songwriters today. It was fantastic once again.GMF (the Greatest Motherfucker) is maybe the single best musical moment of this years festival. Marz was another highlight.I hope I get to see him and his very good band in a non-festival setting soon.- Hallgeir
 My first John Grant concert… and WHAOO!     Had done my job and listened to his albums, but this was WAY better than I ever imagined (even though Hallgeir had “warned” me).    The first two songs (Vietnam & Marz) was unbelievably good.. I was blown away.Then came 3 songs that, though still very good, contained too much synths/electronics for my taste.   Sitting down @ the keyboard he gave a quiet and lovely Where Dreams Go To Die (#6) – what a song! It Doesn’t Matter To Him (#7) was also brilliant.The last songs were solid, but not in the same league as the mentioned top 4.   A wonderful concert with exceptionally good sound. And listening to his albums today (after the concert) .. feels different in very positive way.-Egil


jg 1

Plenen – 17:15:

se 2

Steve Earle & The Mastersons
Steve Earle is a hero for us at JV, in many ways he embodies all the musical styles that we write about. I have seen him before, but this was my first concert with him when he has a band with him. I had a big expectations and they were fullfilled, he told short stories and entertaining anectdotes between the tunes. It was a good concert.Highlights: Copperhead Road and The Low Highway- Hallgeir
 A real hero indeed. This was my 5th Steve Earle concert (2 solo & 3 with band), and my expectations were sky high… a bad thing.    First – 17:15, the largest stage, and poring rain.. bad, bad, bad. BUT as soon as Steve Earle’s somewhat reduced voice hit us.. things felt alright…  and one of my fav Steve Earle songs is.. I Feel Alright (Steve Earle’s top 20 according to Egil).     The band were very good & surely inspired Steve to push his performance (even though struggling with his voice).     Best songs were a beautiful This City, a hard rocking & rock solid The Revolution Starts.. (last song)a good Hard-core Troubadour The Galway Girl.
You’re Still Standing There
also needs a nod.    -Egil


se 1

Plenen – 20:00:

boh 2

Band Of Horses
This was my fourth Band of Horses concert and as a band this is the best I’ve heard them since 2008, but even if they were good last night, it seemed like another day on the job. They’re a tight band and it’s too bad that it felt a bit uninspired. “Just another day on the job”. Not bad, but not great either.Highlights: Is there a ghost and The Great Salt lake- Hallgeir
 Seen them twice before.. the band is tighter, but it has been a while since Bridwell has written a real good song. I’m still listening to the first 2 albums.. if I want some Band Of Horses. The “hard-core” rain didn’t hep either… solid stuff, but no cigar.


boh 1

-Egil & Hallgeir

Today – Bob Dylan – 15th Infidels recording session in 1983 – 30 years ago


…..I did the album, and I call it that, but what it means is for other people to interpret, you know, if it means something to them. Infidels is a word that’s in the dictionary and whoever it applies to… to everybody on the album, every character. Maybe it’s all about infidels.
~Bob Dylan (to Kurt Loder in March 1984)

Foot of Pride:

 “Bob’s musical ability is limited, in terms of being able to play a guitar or a piano,….. It’s rudimentary, but it doesn’t affect his variety, his sense of melody, his singing. It’s all there. In fact, some of the things he plays on piano while he’s singing are lovely, even though they’re rudimentary. That all demonstrates the fact that you don’t have to be a great technician. It’s the same old story: If something is played with soul, that’s what’s important.
~Mark Knopfler

“I’ve made shoes for everyone, even you, while I still go barefoot”
~Bob Dylan (from “I and I”)

Studio A
Power Station
New York City, New York
27 April 1983

Produced by Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan

  1. From Paul
  2. Foot Of Pride
  3. Foot Of Pride
  4. Foot Of Pride
  5. Foot Of Pride
    ….Composing it was alright, it probably had a bunch of extra verses that probably… most likely weren’t necessary, they should have been… they should have been combined. But, the reason why it was never used was because the tempo speeded up, but there wasn’t any drum machine used on that, the tempo just automatically took off, for some vague and curious reason.
    ~Bob Dylan (to Eliot Mintz – March 1991)

    Foot of pride is in fact, in the words Dylan used to describe the composition “Like A Rolling Stone,” “a long piece of vomit”. … it’s about how pride destroys us and turns us into monsters.
    ~Paul Williams (BD performing artist 1974-86)
  6. Union Sundown
  7. Union Sundown
  8. (Unidentified Song)
  9. (Harmonica)
  10. (Unidentified Song)
  11. I And I
  12. I And I
  13. I And I
  14. I And I
  15. I And I
  16. I And I
    …according to author/critic Tim Riley, “updates the Dylan mythos. Even though it substitutes self-pity for the [pessimism found throughout Infidels], you can’t ignore it as a Dylan spyglass: ‘Someone else is speakin’ with my mouth, but I’m listening only to my heart/I’ve made shoes for everyone, even you, while I still go barefoot.'” Riley sees the song as an exploration of the distance between Dylan’s “inner identity and the public face he wears”.

    “I and I”, the other epic from these sessions, is a beautiful song, powerfully sung, with a wonderfully moody and evocative instrumental setting….
    ~Paul Williams (BD perfroming artist 1974-86) 
  17. I And I
  18. I And I
  19. I And I
  20. Julius And Ethel
  21. Julius And Ethel

infidels back


  • Bob Dylan (vocal, harmonica, keyboards & guitar)
  • Mark Knopfler (guitar)
  • Mick Taylor (guitar)
  • Alan Clark (keyboards)
  • Robbie Shakespeare (bass)
  • Sly Dunbar (drums)

6, 7, 20, 21 Clydie King (backing/shared vocal)

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