May 24: Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

bob dylan

Happy Birthday to the GREATEST Artist of Our Time.

Here @ we got about 1500 Bob Dylan posts alive. In this tribute I’ll try to give an overview & hopefully lead you [the reader] to material you might find interesting.

My favorite quote of all time is off course:

 That he not busy being born is busy dying
~From – It’s Alright, Ma (I’m only bleeding)

Dylan has always been busy being born. At the age of 74 he’s still [never ending] touring the world, performing at peak level, bringing awe & joy to those lucky enough to understand & participate. If you’re a true “performing artist”, you can’t retire. You gotta be yourself to the end. And we all know that Zimmy will not back down.

Enough with the chit chat, let’s get down to it.

Here is how we have organized our Bob Dylan material & some essential links:

Concerts & videos

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Best Songs


Still working on my top 200 list..

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Recording Sessions


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The Songs He didn’t Write


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Bob Dylan Quotes


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Best songs polls

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Bootleg posts by Hallgeir


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Cover versions


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Other stuff

.. and there is loads of of other Dylan stuff in our archives 🙂

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4 thoughts on “May 24: Happy Birthday Bob Dylan”

  1. how do you say Thankyou to someone that’s larger than life! I grew up in Panama Canal Zone. We were very sheltered and really knew nothing about civil rights or any of many things that were going on in the 60s in the states. Bob Dylan opened up a world I didn’t know existed . I hung on every word of every new album and I got all my friends to listen and we grew together. So Thankyou Bob! Happy Birthday and please stay forever young!

  2. Two Bobs in my life….my husband Bob and Bob…saw him a while ago at Pavillion market, Malibu….almost went to say hello but would not infringe on his privacy….Happy Birthday Your Bobship!

  3. Thank you alldylan for this extremely well-researched tribute to Bob on his 74th birthday. Strangely, as a teacher in 2013, I celebrated his birthday with the school kids in pretty much the same format; quotes, posters, a selection of what I regarded as his best songs and I dressed up with the white face paint… When I arrived at school with the ‘Renaldo & Clara-style hat’, the headmaster asked what the occasion was. I said: “Bob’s birthday, Sir.” My peers’ eyes rolled… On the way to Assembly, I asked the HM: “Permission to wear the hat in Assembly, Sir?”. “Permission granted, Ms Bodbijl.”, he replied. At the end of Assembly he told the school the reason for my attire and turned to me, saying: “The times they are a-changing, Ms Bodbijl…”. And I shot back: “It ain’t me, Babe…”. Yup, some people don’t get it, but blessed are those who do, methinks… I wish I could share some of those photographs with you. The Birthday Party was EPIC… Reflecting on it now, that being my last year at the school, those kids were the last ones to have been treated to the greatness of an extraordinary performing artist/philosopher/poet/musician of out time. Never was an opportunity passed up for adding a little Dylan Magic in class; they even had to do a film-study on ‘The Hurricane’ for a project on human rights issues… Long may he live!

    1. Awesome story, why couldn’t I have a teacher like that when I was in school?

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