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March 23: Bob Dylan & Neil Young playing Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, California in 1975 (audio)

Bob Dylan_Neil_Young

Dylan is the surprise guest, billed as “the man from the Fairmont,” at a benefit concert for SNACK (Students Need Athletic
and Cultural Kicks). Along with three members of the Band, Neil Young, Tim Drummond, and Ben Keith, Dylan stays
on stage for half an hour. He contributes vocals on “Are You Ready for the Country,” “I Want You,” (the slightly rewritten) “Knockin’ on Dragon’s Door,” and “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” Unfortunately his microphone is turned way down in the mix, and he is barely audible on tapes of the show, even though the whole concert is broadcast on a local radio station. Dylan also provides backing on piano/guitar for the five other songs: “Ain’t That a Lot of Love,” “Lookin’ for a Love,” “Loving You Is Sweeter than Ever,” “The Weight,” and “Helpless.” Sara Dylan accompanies him to the show. After the concert, Dylan (and presumably Sara) dine at the home of Francis Ford Coppola, along with Bill Graham and Marlon Brando.
~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)

Kezar Stadium
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California
23 March 1975
S.N.A.C.K. Benefit

  • Bob Dylan (piano, guitar, harmonica)
  • Neil Young (piano, guitar
  • Ben Keith (pedal steel guitar)
  • Tim Drummond (guitar),
  • Garth Hudson (keyboards)
  • Rick Danko (bass)
  • Levon Helm (drums)

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Dec 3: Bob Dylan interview @ KQED-TV Studios, San Francisco, 1965 (videos)

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Oh, I think of myself more as a song and dance man, y’know
~Press Conference, San Francisco 3 December 1965

Legendary press conference.

The San Francisco Press Conference was set up by Ralph Gleason at KQED-TV, an educational station, in the bay area of San Francisco and took place on December 3rd 1965. It was broadcast on KQED later that day, just before Dylan and The Hawks played their first night at the Berkeley Community Theater.
Source: The Fiddler Now Upspoke, pp. 359-374.

KQED-TV Studios
San Francisco, California
3 December 1965
San Francisco Press Conference

Released on the DVD Dylan Speaks, Eagle Media MDV622, 30 October 2006.

Bob Dylan - Dylan Speaks

I don’t play folk-rock.

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July 22: Don Henley was born in 1947


July 22: Don Henley was born in 1947

Donald Hugh “Don” Henley (born July 22, 1947, in Gilmer, Texas) is an American singer, songwriter and drummer, best known as a founding member of the Eagles before launching a successful solo career. Henley was the drummer and lead vocalist for the Eagles from 1971–1980, when the band broke up. Henley sings lead vocals on Eagles hits such as “Witchy Woman”, “Desperado”, “Best of My Love”, “One of These Nights”, “Hotel California”, “Life in the Fast Lane”, and “The Long Run”. He and Glenn Frey formed one of the most successful songwriting partnerships in music history.

We saw Eagles a few weeks ago in Lucca, Italy, and they were very, very good, and so much better than those latest DVD releases tells us. Eagles in Lucca were playful and fun, they had a good time and so did we. Don Henley ages with grace.

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Photo special: Bob Dylan Oakland CA November 1978

Bob Dylan Warfield Nov 1978-7

Photo special: Bob Dylan Oakland CA November 1978

All photos taken by Chris Bradford:
Chris_Bradford_Profile “I am a high school English teacher, but have also taught French and. Photography. My passion for  many years, besides photography and music, has been baseball. I coached at the same high school for 35  years and have had 4 players play in the Major Leagues. I also coached for 10 summers in the Alaska  League, a college-level league, 5 summers in Anchorage and 5 in Honolulu, Hawaii. My photographic  interests these days revolve primarily around travel. My wife and I go somewhere every summer, our  favorite destinations being Cuba, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, France and Southeast Asia, and numerous  other destinations. I am currently in the laborious process of scanning most of my thousands of rock n roll slides and negatives. Feel free to email me if you have questions about artists you may want to see photographs of [email protected]

A while ago we here at Alldylan got an email from Chris where he told us that he had started digitizing his old slides, among them quite a few Dylan photos never before published. He asked if we would like to publish some of them on Alldylan. We were stunned, what an offer! We wrote back and said that we would be honoured.

We will publish several posts with photos from Dylan’s tours in 1974, 1978,1979 and 1980, and after that we will maybe post other artists. Chris has pictures of great historic value and he can be contacted if anyone wants to buy Hi-Res shots for printing. He has 99 shots from the 1978 Oakland show! We are not sure if it was the first or second night.

Here is the first photo special with Chris Bradford’s pictures, Bob Dylan & The Band Oakland 1974

Here are the 14 photos from Oakland 1978 that I picked from a 99 picture collection:

Bob Dylan Warfield Nov 1978-13

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