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Playlist June and July 2014 from Johannasvisions

playlist June July 2014-1

We started a new series in January/February were we presented some of the songs we’ve played during the months that had passed. This is our playlist for June and July 2014, as usual it has something new and a few golden oldies.

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The Album I’ve played most this summer is Caleb Caudle’s Paint Another Layer On My Heart

Among all new songs, the new Ryan Adams song, Gimme something good have been played a lot.

Here are some very good songs from our playlist for June and July 2014:

Ida Jenshus – Shallow River (Part 1,2 and 3) ambitious and beautiful, and almost 15 minutes:

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The 25 best concerts of 2013 according to Hallgeir

Photo: Jarle Vines (Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0)

I have seen a lot less concerts this year than in the two years before. I had to cut down a bit for economical and time-consuming reasons 🙂

Still, I have attended my share of shows, 42 to be exact (about half of what i attended in 2012). A lot of them have been good and some have been great. I haven’t seen many bad ones, I guess it is because I mostly see what I know.

Here are my favorites from 2013:

1. Van Morrison – Notodden Blues Festival, Notodden
2. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Bergenfest, Bergen (+photos)
3. John Murry – Bergenfest, Bergen
4. Naomi Shelton and The Gospel Queens – Bergenfest, Bergen
5. The South – Mono, Oslo
6. Tønes – Byscenen, Haugesund
7. The South – Tou Scene, Stavanger
8. Ida Jenshus – Vikedal Roots Festival, Vikedal
9. Lars Winnerbäck – Stavanger Konserthus, Stavanger
10. Chip Taylor and Paal Flaata – Smiå, Veavågen
11. John Grant – Bergenfest, Bergen (+photos)
12. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Bergenfest, Bergen
13. Simone Felice – Bergenfest, Bergen
14. Yuma Sun – Vikedal Roots Festival, Vikedal
15. Deathprod + Snah – Haugesund
16. The Low Frequency in Stereo – Høvleriet, Haugesund
17. Ida Jenshus – Notodden Blues Festival, Notodden
18. Tønes – SILK, Skudeneshavn
19. Stephen Simmons – Skapåbar, Haugesund
20. Olav Larsen & The Alabama Rodeo Stars – SILK, Skudeneshavn
21. Thomas Dybdahl – Festiviteten, Haugesund
22. Yuma Sun – Jimmy Legs, Haugesund
23. Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires – Bergenfest, Bergen
24. Steve Earle and The Dukes – Bergenfest, Bergen (+photos)
25. James Hunter Six – Notodden Blues Festival, Notodden

– Hallgeir

The best songs: If I Can dream – Elvis Presley


If I Can Dream” is a song made famous by Elvis Presley, written by Walter Earl Brown and notable for its direct quotations of Martin Luther King, Jr. It was recorded by Presley in June 1968, two months after King’s assassination. The recording was first released to the public as the finale of Presley’s ’68 Comeback Special.

Although the song is not technically gospel music, Presley performed the song with the intensity and intonations of southern gospel. It has since appeared on various Presley gospel and/or inspirational compilations

Music, for me is all about feelings, about emotions. I Like Elvis but I never thought he could give me chills up my spine, literally. I’ve never, ever heard a better interpretation of a song. It is unbelievable!

Elvis is often regarded as a joke, yes, really. It is so fuckin’ frustrating, when you “have seen the light”, there have never been a better interpreter of songs. He is “black” to the soul, he has the Appalachian white trash country in his spine. He combines his experiences into a way of delivering songs that are out of this world!

Never bettered, ever!

It’s astonishing seeing him after the take, just stopping and asking for another take. It looks so rehearsed, so rigid, until we see that its really a live take, a live moment! It’s incredible, and it’s art on the highest level.

Leather clad performance:

This is just as valuable to me as Munch’s Scream, Picasso’s Guernica or Bob Dylan’s Simple twist of faith.

– Hallgeir

PS: That Celine Dionne version is shit!